Petition With Sallos, step by step


I thought I might ask since I found loads of topics with different answers, I followed Gordon’s ritual, although I did not feel much change and the whole ritual seemed rather complex-ish for a beginner that I am. I tried to the best of my ability to follow up with it. I felt a slight change in the atmosphere of the room. And as I burned the petition the flame died before engulfing the whole paper I had to reenflame it twice ( if that matters ), I obviously had my offering ( A sweet home made pink wine that has a great sentimental value for me ) in sight and visualized the offering being given when the deed is done alongside with an extra.

I later on finished the summoning, so to say, and started meditating to the enn while looking at the sigil that seemed to open to me ( 3d and moving even ), but did not feel any presence only subtly again.

Did I go wrong in trying to invoke him twice? Can someone share their experience step by step from the opening ritual until the end?

I had two round orange candles, and one cinnamon scented dark red candle in which I burned the petition ( the red candle was given as gift by the target as well, I thought it might make the spell stronger ).

Any thoughts?

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You did well!!

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