Petition to Lotir... this looked like actual blood in person?

Soooo… I did a petition to Lotir the angel of true love to attract a specific guy I matched with on the app called hinge and when I burned the parchment paper it made this red blood like color which looks like sweat and I was wondering if this is just purely science or if its because I used love/attraction oils (from art of the root if that helps) before proceeding to burn it, I’ve attached the picture and im sorry I didn’t realize it was a bit blurry but you can still sort of see what im talking about.
I’ve used these oils before for different purposes (art of the root to be exact and not always for love purposes) and its never done anything like this…
is this some sort of sign? If so what kind do you think it is?
Im just a little caught off guard I guess and want to make sure its not a bad sign or anything cause in person it legit looked like blood droplets…
but yeah, let me know your guys opinion!

Lotir only works for true love. She does not do mind control or basic attraction. If you are targeting a specific individual, I don’t think she will help you.

Have you met this guy in person? Have you gone on a date, and seen how he is in the real world?

I did one initial spell with her to attract true love, and I questioned if I should do one specifically on a person cause its not something I do or like to do at that but I really felt drawn to him so I proceeded doing it anyways just cause it felt right… I dont usually have that feeling when it comes to online dating so I went to her cause shes helped me weed out the ones with not so good intentions so far from my first spell/petition and so I did one to attract him specifically… no we haven’t met I just seen that he liked me first and I matched with him a day later after he “liked me” hinge is different then tinder and bumble with how it works but I just wanted to grab his full attention because of how his profile was set up
Did I just fuck everything up?? Lol

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Well, as I said, Lotir is only concerned with True Love, which is a whole different game than what most people call love. From the way you described your petition acting, in my opinion, it might be a sign of disapproval.

I would get a tarot reading on it just to be safe.

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I do tarot readings for a living… should I do one on myself? Or look something up? Or just like… find someone?

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Okay I did one on myself and… it makes no sense to me, I asked if the “blood” was a sign of disapproval and this is what I got in tarot… im quite confused, lol.

I would find a neutral party to do the reading. Your emotions might cloud things if you read for yourself. There are a few people currently doing free readings so I would ask in an open thread.