Petition to a Dragon: details from Japan

For those interested in communicating with dragons :dragon:.

Here is a temple/shrine dedicated to a dragon I visited in Japan.

The bell is to announce the presence of a human and summon it. You light a candle :candle: as an offering and give money ( like a Catholic Church to a saint).

Most shrines and temples in Japan put their request on a piece of wood that is written by the petitioner and then burnt by the priest.

There is always a ritual water cleansing if the hands and mouth in a water basin prior to all petitions.

Notice the altar set up .


Is that his name on the label? :thinking: I wonder if I could ask it to show itself to me by petitioning it from these pictures! :rofl: it could be fun if it shows up!

I strongly advise not to summon a dragon just to see if it works. They must be respected with honour. These are powerful beings.

This is a dragon that deals with luck. Woe unto you if you mess with him. Friendly warning.


:thinking: but I will be respectful and offer a drawing that I will be posting on my journal here! It can take it or leave it! :sweat_smile: it’s their choice to show up! Am not summoning them am! simply asking nicely!

Thèse are of the Japanese variety. Wash your hands and face first. Bow then make your request. Offer a candle.

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you contact a Dragon st your own risk. DO NOT attempt to summon a Dragon :dragon: just for the fun of it or just to see if it works. These are extremely powerful beings.

Wash your hands and mouth, then bow and make an offering.

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:kissing_heart: thanks for the warning!

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