Petition question

Should I sign a petition to get a PlayStation console

what do you mean?

Sell your soul and sacrifice an entire village to war god Scopalamine…the playstation should materialize after your hundreth kill

Like write a petition to get a ps4

What does that mean

yeah you can do that I guess


I was kidding

U men pen to paper, write for a PS 4.???..Doable if u have some kind of power where when u write something, it manifests…man how something like that would be handy.

I mean yeah like a generic petition to the universe

Like casting a spell…i guess so…What do u mean by petition,like just asking???If u just ask or pray, nothings gonna happen…u may need to craft a spell for it.

How do I do that I read a tutorial and it said it can be to the universe or I can evoke a god,goddess or a demon to bring me my desire

@Ahmad_2003 Please don’t forget to finish your introduction as requested.

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Lol! That’s actually happened! I hv a section in my notebook just for intent statements and affirmations! I didn’t get to sigils most of them or do anything magical! And yet some manifested without warning!