Pesky neighbors and magic

My best friend and I have shared the same driveway and adress for four years. I’m in one duplex, and he’s in another.

In between us, a terrible, terrible person. You name it, she’s guilty.

Cutting it short. How have you dealt with a similar situation? My wife, him and myself wouldn’t cry if she died, but we just want her to move out.

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Not with magick but I’m tempted these days. lol just planting bushes they hate stuff like that. Nothing grossly annoying. I’m so tempted to try something else though. If I do I’ll let ya know.

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This is great–my 6-toed black cat is lying right by my side too. Funny how she comes around when it’s time to work. :slight_smile:
It’s going to be sweeter too because my annoying person is really awful and is one of ‘those’ who has bible scriptures and quotes all over their cubicle. :imp: