Personal experiences with the Qlippoth


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After certain experiences, it came to my mind the idea that I should initiate in the Qlippoth, more especifically the Qlippoth of Nehemoth, Gamaliel, Thagirion and Thaumiel. I know that the Qlippoth are very personal in nature, but I wanted to ask you to share some of your experiences with these Qlippoth so I can get a general idea of what the Qlippoth might teach me.



Someone I know has an interesting view on the qlippoth and how it relates to the sephiroth, he wrote up a paper on it and it’s interesting. He allowed me to share it with other people, so if you want to read it, pm me and when I get home I will send you it.


Ever since I started in this path and immersing myself in studies, the more I find the Qlippith to be a sneaky fucking way to be indoctrinated with almost Judeo-Christian/Modern Gnostic ideologies. Even the “darkest” grimoires seem to be just a response to Christianity and mimic the Masonic doctrines.


Don’t follow the currents or trends of Western magick based on Jewish Kabbalah like working with both Trees and with Angels and Demons or believing demiurge -YHVH is the highest deity. For me, Qliphoth is not (broken) parts of the Sephiroth, in fact they are entirely separate from them.

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I like you, please stay.

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The tree of Azerate and the Sitra achra both present themselves in that way to an extent.

I need something outside and away from all of this shit. This prescription religion. Like there are only so man options. And sadly I think I know the truth and it’s so fucking disheartening.


The tree of Azerate and the Sitra achra both present themselves in that way to an extent

Exactly.I am a follower of the Current 218.

I need something outside and away from all of this shit

I recommend you to read this book.


Thank you

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I appreciate the recommendation, but Zoroastrianism is based on duality and I more or less the father of Christianity based on a Hindu foundation. And that’s where Ahriman comes from.

Something different. Something else. Something removed from our daily constructs.

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Christianity and Zoroastrianism have more in common than Christianity and Hinduism.

From what I’ve studied it all has the same roots. And it’s exhausting

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Temple of Set

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Temple of set seems to mirror the dark pillar of masonry. Just another side of the same shit. Initiation. Adepts. This is Masonic language that the LHP blindly adopts.

The problem is that everything we injest has already been prescribed.

I need something fresh and untainted by humans.

What “god” do the animals follow? The god of survival instinct?


I am always a God but sometimes I am a beast tO.

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I was thinking of the problem of finding a “most natural and untainted” spiritual experience. And realized that it seems most people on forums are actually looking for a “most natural and untainted” doctrine. The very act of looking for a doctrine, a “way”, an illustration, a picture or written script I believe is exactly the step which leads away from that which is untainted.

Anything that can be read or studied mirrors the realm which is sought, but cannot recreate it in its sovereign and irreducible beauty. They are mere maps. This is what much of the Eastern accounts have recounted for some time but much of the West continues to struggle with.

I believe a basic level of humility - the kind that allows you to not lust for results and trust processes outside that which you will - is needed. Once everything is approached with this humility, this appropriately muted Adult ego, this understanding and wisdom that allows you to coexist with all else in harmony, one can more clearly differentiate the unadulterated truth from the imperfect representation or illustration.

It is my belief that the tainted soul can never have access to untainted truth. What is worse is that whatever the tainted attempts to communicate, process, or understand becomes tainted as well. This is why there are so many imperfect illustrations. Ego cannot be involved.

On the flip side, the untainted soul has access to all truth. Such a soul finds that no “one” source has the answer yet any answer that is needed is readily provided upon asking the question. Such a soul has direct access to such knowledge through the portal of the heart. I do not know any other portal.

The sage says: “The first step is to examine and cleanse your own heart, and to humbly accept and address the deficiencies of character.”

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I have it written down somewhere in my notes, but sort of exhausted.
Look up Thomas Karlsson’s Qabalah, Qlippothic and Goetic Magic.
It lists the Order of the Dragon Rouge degrees, and for each degree what is taught per sphere.

1 Lilith First degree The gate to the unknown
2 Gamaliel Second degree The dark dreams, Astral Magic, Witchcraft, Mysteries of the Dark Moon, The dark goddess.
3 Samael Third degree The philosophy of the left hand path, the wisdom of insanity.
4 AArab Zaraq Fourth degree Luciferian magic, dark side of Venus, wrote-mysticism and path of the warrior.
5 Thagirion Fifth degree Illumination of the nightside, the Black Sun, the union of God and the Beast.
6 Golachab Sixth degree Ragnarok, the activation of Surt/Sorath, magnetism of lust and suffering.
7 Gha Acsheblah Seventh degree The higher levels of wrote-mysticism, preparation for passing the abyss.
8 Satariel Eighth degree Opening of the eye of Lucifer/Shiva/Odin, the Dragon principle.
9 Ghagiel Ninth degree The lighting of the Luciferian star.
10 Thaumiel Tenth degree The accomplishment of the promise of the serpent, divinity.
11 Thaumiel Eleventh degree The black hole, the step into the new creation, universe B.