Personal Experience: Stagnancy

I have been experiencing the energy on stagnation lately. I am not exactly sure why although this could be for many reasons. I feel a bit similar to like I did before I started practicing more seriously. I felt so much passion within my practice recently and I’ve been enjoying it much, loving it infact. Feeling more alive than ever infact. It’s been great. However things have changed I don’t know why I no longer feel a pull in my practice, I feel stagnated and like I don’t have the will to do anything at all. Divination feels like a chore so does almost anything else. In the past everything felt forced until the spirit I’ve been working with showed up. Now they have fallen silent and my magick it feels like stagnated now. Why have they fallen silent. Why do I feel like nothing is happening and my practice feels stagnant? I don’t know why. I’m just so tired.

Any thoughts anyone?

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Lack of a grander desire, perhaps?

Repetition can make even magick laborious if you keep your desires small and personal.

Why do you practice magick?

Your ego does not want to change because it fears changes!
It will convince you to not do your daily practice because you don’t want to, are bored or ill or tired or have more important things to do.
You have to bypass ego each and every time you practice. If you actually DO your practice ego will convince you it takes far too long etc or many many other reasons.
You know ego well when you fought an addiction: this is the same guy your weaker self.
Fight it or it will ruin your evolution.

Try a Buddhist death meditation for example where you imagine your dead body and so on. Best to not do it alone because your ego will run wild. But you will learn a little bit how it works and why it doesn’t want to change.

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Yes and no.

I practice for many reasons. For personal growth, for power, for truth and because I have been drawn to where I am now. It’s different it makes me feel happy. Ect

And what do you plan to do with this personal growth, power and/or truth?

I have already had an ego death and it wasnt fun. Part of me feels I am where I am due to many reasons such as realignment of my reality, change and transition. However I feel that this is not the main and entire reason.

Good question @Moonlight154

I too go through periods of stagnancy in my practice. My personal opinion is that everything moves in cycles, and even the wonder and awe of magick can become repetitive and lose its lustre after a while.

When it happens to me, I usually take it as a sign that I need to learn something new, to stretch myself in a different way. In college, it caused me to take on a second major because I was bored and losing interest in the one I was on the verge of completing. In magick, it makes me research and look into different paradigms and systems.

More than a few times, when I’ve felt like I was going nowhere, a tarot reading from a neutral party has pointed out to me that I had lost the mystery and majesty of magick and had to recapture it.

Magick shouldn’t become so common that it becomes the equivalent of putting on your pants in the morning, but unfortunately, that is a natural tendency of the human mind.


I do think you are right however that we have to rise above and do what needs to be done even when we do not feel like it. The act of self-discipline. :slight_smile:

Ego cannot die. It just goes into hiding. Or screams and spits and curses feigning death. Ego is your material body and consciousness. The part of ‘you’ that will die when you finally leave this plane.
Believe me I know a damned lot about ego getting in the way of practice and the only remedy is your will.
Selfdiscipline yes.


I don’t quite completely understand everything that’s happening for you Morgana but it sounds rather intense. I have seen your YouTube channel and your videos. You have challenged yourself and yes you have even equally challenged by the spirits you surround yourself with. The herbs will help and I believe that you are doing all in your power to keep in balance right now even though it seems you have a lot on your plate. You are brave, courageous. Your undertakings have made you stronger and are making you stronger. Your practice has evolved into something much greater and you too have undertaken things many would not consider. I am 1 of your subscribers, I am the person who requested an altar tour on your channel. I loved it and thought it was beautiful.

Stay strong, seek support if needed wherever possible. Keep going. :heart:

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Thank you @Moonlight154

When its delivered the hormones will resettle.
I’ve had liver issues years ago and cured it.
I will recover and grow :purple_heart:

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