Personal Empowerment/Ascent

Not only keeping up with, but surpassing the Jones’, how would you do it?
What lays a truly strong foundation in this world and beyond, what gives you victory and strength and wisdom? What truly builds out your own kingdom?


Knowing the spirits that are around you and that are influencing your results is what makes a strong foundation.

Know your enemies.

For example:
There are very powerful beings that love nothing more than to keep you in financial poverty.
And you wonder why your money spells arent working…hmmmm :thinking:

You try to get laid. Meanwhile spirits keep cockblocking you and something always seems to not match up or go wrong when you approach a girl or you always get nervous “for some odd reason”…hmmmmmm🤔

You try to Ascend and wonder why shit is so difficult, meanwhile there are spirits laughing their ass off at you as they block you left and right and make shit harder then it has to be…hmmmmmm :thinking:

See what i mean?

Spirits are only half the battle
Of ascent, but they are a crucial part of the battle.


i like to believe that i am the foundation of my kingdom and everything thing is built off of that


Go see the thread that thatrandomguy made. Then come back and practice that. Study some of the pathworkings that others on here did that made them stronger. Take note of what they did. Some find empowerment through self actualization/realization, shadow work, etc. I, myself, have gotten it from a few sources but most from myself. A good chunk came from working with the Morrigan, Lilith, Hekate (she’s great to work with for finding both power and knowledge) and Lucifer. Really anything I evoke gets a portion of recognition for how far I’ve gotten.

It’s not a simple as it sounds however. There’s a lot of, “shedding old skins” and “washing away the bullshit and the weaknesses” and “surpassing the limits”.

Also, quick foot note: power =/= evolution, knowledge, etc. However the few go hand in hand. Evolution can grant power, on that note.


Ok. I think this question is probably answered differently for all of us, because this is a very personal journey. And I think we all come here with our own agenda set for us, by us, before we even incarnate which dictates what we will experience and work on.

For me, building the foundation to build my own kingdom starts with not worrying about the Jones’s period. My path is my path and what someone else does or has is irrelevantto me. I am on a self growth and overcoming obstacles physical and spiritual kind of path. It is a lot of self assessment and overcoming weakness. It also requires walking my own path, being responsible for my own mistakes instead of blaming everyone else around me when things don’t work. It involves study. Lots of study and mental evaluation of the things learned. Putting the good into practice. Evocation, invocation, rituals, conversation. Soul travel and exploration, finding truths, finding what fits and doesn’t and creating life like i want it.

Life that lets me lay my head down with peace at night. Or early af in the morning as it works out most nights. For some life should be filled with strife and fighting. Mine is filled with joy. My heart anyway. I have obsticles that are huge, but, to overcome that I must find my sanctuary and the joy. And i do. I think that is part of the kingdom. The magick and meditation and working with entities builds your god/magick abilities part of the kingdom.

Finally what you do WITH your abilities builds the rest. I try to uplift and teach and enlighten those i come into contact with. It is not an obligation. It is a choice. Some people bring joy when they enter a room, while others bring joy by leaving. What legacy will i leave? What impact will i have made? Things (objects) are fleeting and disappear. How you effect a person’s life stays. If i teach someone and their whole outlook changes the effects ripple through their life. The changes can be huge. From whether they live and have children they teach or whether they had taken their life that night. See? Huge difference between the two scenarios. I have helped people. I have changed lives. I have saved lives. If they teach their children to be enlightened and awake then that is another family not in bondage of the religious system. And then in turn, all the people who they will help, change and encourage.

We all have our gifts and missions in this life. I think the way you build your kingdom is finding out what that is and doing it. Finding the god within and getting that as strong as you can via magickal practices, and changing the world to what you want and showing others they can do the same. Stand up. Brush off the dust and be the creator of your life. Never play the victim and blame others for what you aren’t doing. Find out how you CAN do. Because YOU. Can. Do.


It just appears to me that I need to see things through start to finish, to me that is the only sure foundation.
After all, if a skyscraper foundation is half done and the rest built on top, what could happen?
Since my twenties, I was called the list master by friends … lists of things to do, things I wanted to do, long term and short term goals, etc. Ive gone over these lists from time to time and probably a handful were seen to completion… Same with magic, I want to see it through start to finish with a sure foundation.
Several self help books and magic books Ive read over and over, the implementation of which, start to finish is an issue.
So it now makes me wonder, if I were to invoke every entity and quizzing them on my life on asll matters known and unknown to me, how many would match up? What could they tell me that I dont know? Probably a lot. Because without that sure completion on anything, the outcome is an unknown. As within, so without, as without, so within, right?
So, I need to compile every single thing taught to me, do it, start to finsih, and then do it every single day without fail.
Opinions, comments, questions?

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A few things I do know about myself …
Am of Scottish (Father, Cameron clan)/Irish (Mother, Mayzes clan) ancestry.
Was raised in a Presbyterian/Baptist faith, in a Baptist church where a couple traumatic experiences occurred, no matter what sect explored, never felt it was right to me.
Am now declaring independence, going to my ancestral roots, reexploring witchcraft and sorcery.
Was a fearless adventurer/explorer as a youth, not entirely comfortable living outdoors.
Interested in anthropology to the extent that I should have seen it through in college, as I did well.
(as opposed to computer science or psychology)
Can cook, drum, research, read tarot.
Am trying to rebuild my life that self imploded in the past five years, want to quiz spirits as to why, what occurred.
I want to learn. I want to be adept. I want to do well and do good in the world.


@Micah, I partially understand, meaning I understand what you wrote, what I dont understand is their point in doing so, why they get amusement or pleasure out of doing so, when that just makes me not want to like them at all for doing so. In short, my ascent is their ascent if they dont fuck with me, it seems, unless they are trying to toughen me up or something.

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@Raven_Maleficus, I will definitely do so.

Well different groups of spirits have dirferent agendas @Fuego. Just like the Crips have a different Agenda from the Bloods.

The Police have a Agenda

The Military has an Agenda

The Government has an Agenda

And all these agendas are given to them not by some bullshit law, but by the spirits that govern them. Some spirits toughen you up…some spirits want to outright kill you…some spirits dont want to ascend, much less want you to Ascend

So its Agendas and Motives that play in this.
I would encourage you to do a divination on those things concerning any forces that are blocking you.


Let’s see …
“Are there spirits out to harm me?”

Covers him … Ace of Pentacles
Crosses him … Ten of Swords
Crowns him … Five of Wands
Beneath him … Devil
Behind him … Three of Wands
Before him … Two of Swords
Querent … Nine of Wands
Environment … Nine of Pentacles
Hopes and Fears … Six of Swords
Final Outcome … Ten of Pentacles
Shadow … Six of Pentacles
Getting to Peace restored seems key there.
Seed of the Material crossed by Ruin.
Strife above, Devil below.
Material works Behind, before me is
Peace Restored.
Then Great Strength is the matter within Material Gain. Earned Success conquered
Is the key to Wealth.
But … This doesn’t necessarily tell me who has a corn cob lodged sideways where the Sun doesn’t shine against me.


One Ace, one Devil (XV), one Two, one Three, two Nines, two Tens, two Sixes (including the Shadow).
One two three (6), five, six six, nine nine, ten ten, XV.
Three wands, three swords, four pentacles and one major.
I wonder if there is someone at the other end of the phone number 123-566-9900, X15.

I came to this conclusion myself just recently. I chose to restart from the ground up within the last few days. I don’t suck altogether, but I most certainly missed something in the equation along the way, so I figured my best bet would be to start from the top and build myself stronger this time around.


Who doesn’t want me to ascend and why?
Covers me … Hermit
Crosses me … Justice
Crowns me … Page of Pentacles
Beneath me … Ace of Wands
Behind me … Page of Swords
Before me … The World
Querent … The Chariot
Environment … The Tower
Hopes and Fears … The Fool
Final Outcome … The Hanged Man
Shadow … Nine of Pentacles
The Hermit, Page of Swords, The World and The Fool face left/backwards, Page of Pentacles and Nine of Pentacles face right/future. The rest face forward/present except for The Tower, where the lightning strikes leftward, and the two falling face right and left.
A lot of big players there.

That’s the pathway to madness my friend.

Think of magick, not just spells but things like soul travel and evocation, as creating a simple electrical circuit.

Every condition you place on it is like a switch that can break the circuit, and that switch has only two positions - on/off.

Each condition, is either met, or not met, and the feeling inside you that nags will tell you if not met.

Even if you manage to somehow meet them all, you’ve slowed the current down by placing so many conditions along the way, and not letting the power flow free.

You would be more in loine with the flow of thing to place the option for that day on a piece of card, in a box, and draw 1 or 2 a day and try to do them, than anything like the above should/must/ought malarkey. :+1:

Remember magick is an art as well as a science, and if it’s not fun (albeit in some pretty weird ways) then it’s not worth it, and will probably fizzle out.

Magick comes from passion!

Some of the best things I have ever done have been totally spontaneous, I may pre-plan the date and time but the actual work leads itself.

Don’t trust everything your mind tells you. it’s trying to play one game by the rules of a different one.

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Great and wise points @Lady_Eva, funny, passion came to mind last night actually…
The Tower while attributed to Mars and Peh (the Hebrew word for mouth) qabbalistically, lies between Hod and Netzach, where both have ties to ceremonial and natural magic, without passion from Mars, Hod can become sterile, intellectual only magic, and Netzach can devolve into nature worship only. Passion is somehow key to both.