Person moving lips without making a sound - magic technique

Hello, where I live people practice a lot of witchcraft.

Sometimes I observed people moving their lips, as if speaking, but without making an audible sound.

This happened even when I went to the home of someone I met on the internet.

In my experience, these people do not have good intentions and end up being enemies.

I think this technique makes the sorcerer give commands to the other’s subconscious.

Does anyone know more about this? How can I develop this technique and protect myself?

  • sorry for my english, i’m not native*
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Are you sure they’re not just talking to themselves, or singing under their breath, or even praying? Because it’s pretty common for people to do things like that, especially in public, and it’s a pretty big jump to assume they are making imprecations against someone. While it is possible, of course, I would find it unlikely.


Yes sure. In this case of the person I met on the internet in a relationship app, when we needed it in bed, he put his hand specifically on the crown chakra (head) and kept making contact, then I watched him moving his lips as if he were talking but without emitting sound.

That’s normal. Even non-magicians do this.

How so?

It doesn’t. I don’t even think it’s a real technique.

This is a legitimate magick technique practiced in eastern Europe. I remember reading about it in one of stepanovas books.


can you tell me more about this technique? can you tell me the name of the book? thanks

do you know the author’s full name or any other part? I’m from Brazil, I don’t know her.

I think @Duchess is probably talking about Natalia Stepanova.

And as for the practice itself, it sounds like what we call ‘whispers’ in Russia. It’s a technique that was mostly used in villages and is literally just chanting a spell under your breath.

However, I would take Stepanova’s spells with a grain of salt as she is a local meme for being the most productive author who keeps publishing new books with new spells even after her death. In fact, I don’t think there even was a real witch named Natalia Stepanova.

Although I also think that many people tend to move their lips without making any sounds with no ill intent.

Ah, the things that happen thanks to the dating apps :slightly_smiling_face:


Id say if you see it and understand whats happening its a decent sign whats being done to you isnt working very well.

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