Permission to start local BALG meetups?

Hello EA,

Could I, as well as other interested people, start a BALG meetup group in our areas? I understand that people can start any group, but to even use the term BALG may require permission. I ask this to give people interested in everything BALG a chance to meetup in person if they are able and inclined to do so. No copyright infringement is intended, and people would know that the groups are not affiliated or represent BALG, but that they are people who would use the term to find other like minded folks to share ideas, study material and even practice with.

Thank you for your consideration and any input, guidance or ideas you are willing to share.


This would be a really good question to hit up the helpdesk about. I’m obviously not an expert in matters of legality, but there are folks that help me out that are. I’d love to encourage meetups, and as I travel around it would be cool to drop in on a meeting if I’m in a “Sanctuary City.”

Thank you EA for answering! :slight_smile: Yes many people in the forum have been connecting more, as well as chatting in a skype group we created. I think it would be awesome to meet people in person. Being able to chat, discuss ideas and practice has been helpful for many.

And hey, if you are ever near the greater Salem or Portland Oregon area, you have Sanctuary :wink:
It would be delightful to meet anyone who comes this way, or to travel and meet others.

Thank you again, and I shall indeed contact the BALG help desk.