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I always thought of the occult as the path of the fool. When you become a fool, when you realize that the conventional wisdom is making you miserable, then you are ready to take your steps into the occult. I would love to prepare people for that path.
There is this whole idea that you are “seeking wisdom”, but you already know what wisdom is, and that is to leave it well enough alone, so you decide to become a fool.


Do you know how someone can go through that process?

You don’t get a choice. Either you are chosen by the spirits or you are not. And generally those chosen who try to refuse the call end up mad or dead.

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were you chosen?

This is basically how the old Greek philosopher Diogenes rolled. Slept in a barrel, masturbated in public, told the emperor to fuck off, etc. Even when you “come back down”, you’re different. This, I think, is what the buddha was talking about in terms of no-regression in the flower ornament scripture. We never actually come back down, it just becomes our new normal, and we go back to being ourselves, but new and improved.


Good that you brought that up. Being in a constant state of trance is to be in a constantly ungrounded state.

No. But when I was younger i was much more arrogant and demanded to know why i wasn’t given the gift of the shaman. So I was stricken with the sickness to show me what it entails. I lasted about two weeks before I couldnt stand it any more and they lifted it off of me. After that I no longer wanted the role of the shaman.


How long does it last for a born shaman?

My parents have both mental health issues, my mother was bipolar and my father is schizophrenic, I’m sure he is in fact medium and can’t just handle it (is ungrounded as you say). Patricia Darré a french authour and medium explains in one of her book that many schizophrenic are just medium.


The idea that you need to be chosen by the spirits to be a shaman I find to be one of those iffy beliefs. Anyone can follow that path and what the spirits involved with such a path do to you well that’s up in the air.

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Yeah, its true that people who go down all these paths with spirits and this and that may find that the spirits want to make them into a shaman whether they like it or not.
It is bad enough normally, but in this society, it just seems like a generally bad idea. Shaman are supposed to serve the community, but if the community just thinks they are crazy what kind of service is that?

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I think it depends, some people are confused between what is schizophrenia and what is being “chosen” to be a shaman. There’s cases someone with schizophrenia wants to follow a shamanic path, then there’s cases a shaman could also have schizophrenia, they’re separate things one is a path and one is a mental condition. However, they’re not exclusive.

Then you don’t have to be chosen to be a shaman either, you can follow the path by choice and open those doorways.

I went through that process when i was 11 in steps to become a shaman or medicine man and it was a living hell. I seen and heard things i never did before and it went on for years until my mentor taught me how to control it. If you really want to now a process pm me and I’ll let you know the way i went through it. It is a very intimate and long process but its best to be under the supervision of an elder in my case or someone that can help you process everything you see and hear.


Please pm me

Was he on drugs or something? I’m just asking because I know he’s been arrested for drug related things so I’m just curious On if he was using some at that time. If this causes like a rain of hell to descend upon me I’ll ask lady Eva to delete the comment. And if it’s offensive I’ll the mods can remove the comment. I don’t want any trouble.

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I’ve never read the book so if there is more context maybe I’d understand more.

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I imagine such a thing for any real length of time could also cause dementia. There are studies being done on both human and animal models showing that when brain waves start firing out of sync, amyloid beta plaque begins to form. Resyncing the waves using near infrared lights (kind of like binaural beats but more effective) at the alpha or gamma levels takes care of the symptoms. Cognitively, patients improved drastically.

It doesn’t take care of the underlying problem (read Bredesden’s book for that), but it shows that good functioning of the alpha and gamma levels are necessary for brain health. Too long in theta might jeapardize that healing factor.

As far as I know, no drugs. EA usually states up front in his books if he was under the influence or not. During the time of the “bliss” he was studying with a yogic master, and he had a specific regimen of yoga, meditation, and diet so I would assume he was clean.

Yeah, but he learned from it and that’s what I was referring to.