Permanent TGS

Is it possible to live your life with permanent tgs?

Yes. It’s basically called schizophrenia.

Regular life would be practically impossible.


I’m at target so I probs won’t see your reply for a while. But do you have any research or links proving that statement. Are they actually hearing spirits telling them to hurt or kill? Not saying your lying but I just need some more resources and info before I come to a conclusion (which l will keep to myself.)


I don’t think there is any “research” or proof for that statement…but I agree… I don’t know if it is Tgs related or not… but I definitely believe that all these people they say are crazy… at least some of them are seeing real things. They have perceptions the rest of us don’t have…so we lable them crazy.


No. My comment was NOT meant to imply that the mental illness of schizophrenia has anything to do with spirits. It was meant to imply that a permanent Theta/Gamma state would be the equivalent though. It would be a complete state of disassociative awareness that would make it nearly impossible to function in mundane reality.

EA describes something similar in his book Ipsissimus, where he was so blissed out in a constant state of spiritual ecstasy that he didn’t care about anything, like his job, or eating, or bathing, or taking care of himself. He slept in a cemetery and aimlessly wandered around the streets and parks, lost in total awe of the beauty around him. He could not function as a human being in the day to day. He couldn’t even pretend to be a normal human being.

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That is what many people call enlightenment.

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I would not call that enlightenment.


Seems that is what certain groups call full enlightenment. Transcending humanity, With unconditional love.

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I’d say that would be enlightenment for plebs.
Enlightenment for the wise would be attaining high state of understanding, as the wise would value objective knowledge over subjective bliss.

I am not saying bliss is undesirable, I am simply saying it is overrated.

I’d rather know a lot and be miserable, than being ignorant and happy.


That does not fit any of the teachings I have ever read on enlightenment. Enlightenment, for one thing, is a stage, not a final destination, and for another, it has nothing to do with forsaking the care of the physical body or material needs.

“Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.”

  • Zen koan

In other words, you do what you need to do in the world, even after enlightenment.


To throw my hat into the pool, I think schizophrenia can be related to grounding/ or rather lack there of. My biological mother was schizophrenic but she had … many conversations with the walls, and the psychics that are not far at all from the deeper ones I read here. I always get the thought she was an ungrounded medium but with her death quite a while ago, it’s not something I’ve attempted to confirm or devalue.

Indeed the Emerald Table, Sri Aurobindo and others agreed on a final step of “grounding”, theoretically this could even transform the body into spirit, an achievement allegedly reached by some Buddhist monks after death, Jesus etc.

I think living constantly in that state would remove the beauty of it. One of the key elements of ritual is to step out of the mundane (or profane if you prefer, essentially means the same in this context) and into the sacred for the purpose of promoting both external and internal change. It is different than our every day life, hence the awe and last impression it can have. If one were to live in that state constantly, the awe would eventually deteriorate and it would become ordinary. It would likely lead to one’s functionality in society to become crippled, as @DarkestKnight stated.

The journey from the profane to the sacred to the profane is powerful and beautiful in ways words fail to express. But the experience is not meant to last forever, much like everything else. To constantly hold yourself in that state would be another form of attachment. That is not how things change and grow. The wisdom from the experience is what is meant to be carried on, which is what I define as enlightenment.


The closest I think would be Shaman Sickness. It’s a period in which a shaman is being overhauled by the spirits working on them to create the shaman. During which they see, hear, and feel every spirit and energy that crosses their path. And by all accounts it’s a living Hell.


I am just wondering why are you asking too many questions without searching answers yourself.


I’ve been there and you would not like it. Believe me, that’s a terrible waste of a life. It’s why I have become more selfish, in order to maintain my wellbeing and my sanity.

There’s a reason why EA went through that period of bliss, etc. You guys don’t get the reason, and you all think it was a bad thing. I doubt it was, for him.

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I don’t think it was a bad thing, I would just not call it “enlightenment”.
To me, it would be attaining understanding of the world, wisdom, and you may become miserable, but that is just the sour taste of the fruit.

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If you read the book, it was a bad thing for him, actually. After several months, he had to call his mentor and ask him how to come down because he couldn’t handle it anymore. He was told to actually use the power he had attained, that the state of mind he was in was not the end goal like some people mistake it for.


A friend of mine has visual and hearing in terms of schizophrenia but she would tell me it was nothing in regards to killing herself or others or anything like that, while another girl I knew hers was basically her fears creating weird hallucinations such as the government spying on her, and weird shit like Obama and Grey aliens plotting to nuke the world.

I honestly don’t think such things should be written off as occult, it creates a lot of issues and possibly why a handful of nonoccultist dont take a lot of occult people serious because they want to call schizophrenic people super psychics and the likes.