Performing the LBRP from distance

Tried to search help for this but couldn’t find anything. So is it possible to perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram remotely? I’d need to do this for someone but can’t visit them right now. Would a link to a person and visualising do the trick?

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I would say yes. I removed some aggressive shadow people this way.


I asked for it to voodoo people I know (not that well, but we’re kind of a virtual friends) and they suggested me to immagine the person, or persons, I want to protect inside the circle of pentagram I draw.
It should work well, I have never tried it because I don’t feel the urge to do this but I’d like to know if this would work

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Thank you, lovelies. I shall perform the ritual on this evening, let’s see how it goes.

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So, you may have done this now, but, yes it is entirely possible. Try to imagine the space they are in and perform the QBX as if you were there.

Just an update to tell that it did worked great.
I had the link to a person (name, date of birth and a hair curl) which I placed inside my top as the person would’ve stand where I stood and turn along when I turned.
Had to concentrate quite hard to visualise the place I wanted to clean and keep it up during the ritual, but managed to see the room as if I was really there.
Thank you all for your advice.