Performing my first serious occult ritual tonight

It seems that I’m here in this life to stay. As I’ve wrestled with whether I desire to believe in this stuff it seems the infernal hosts of hell won’t let me go. It seems it’s as Azazel said to Dante abiel, apotheosis is my birthright. Even now a feeling of fear and excitement stirs in my stomach as I come to a dreadful realization…I’m not alone.

What’s even scarier is I know what I intend to do will work. This is going to turn everything on its head.


Good luck on your ritual.


Well, glad that you have the resolve to see things through.

A lot of people get into this stuff then back out when it gets too heavy.


It’s nothing too big. I doubt I’ll be coming face to face with a demon, not yet anyway. It’s just a simple candle rite I learned from e.a’s YouTube channel. But it seems the forces of darkness are already talking to me.

“Are you sure you want her?”

Big things come from humble beginnings. May you have joyous experience in your works.

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It’s ok dude, I get the same feeling, Lilith can scare me in an extremely irrational way. One time I made her really mad and she made me freeze on the spot, my legs couldn’t move and I felt her presence, not a raging storm but just a big force demanding my acknowledgement. I think she fried my brain because my entire body, mostly my brain, was shocked all over. I didn’t feel much physical pain but I believe my spirit took most of the damage. I was absolutely drained and beat up badly afterwards. You’d think after that i’d high tail it out of here. It’s stupid but I still love Lilith, no less than before. She’s pushed me out of my comfort zone slowly and I’m eager to learn more from her. I can’t go back now, I literally can not. It’s weird honestly. My best advice is fight passed the doubt, the fear and the funny feelings you get. These beings operate by means that we as humans would see as a threat or simply not possible. Best of luck to you, friend!

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Wow. That makes a lot of sense actually. I was wondering who it was that came over me.

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Yeah lol, you get that feeling with demons, plus if you’re not used to their energy or presence they can come off as intimidating. Been there with miscommunication, I also hear that angels can invoke the same feelings of fear.

It is done. I will update what happens on this thread. Here’s to a relationship a temporary relationship which will end without hard feelings. I like this girl so I don’t want her to hate me in the end.

We all start somewhere, and even a humble begining can have a butterfly effect. My very first active spell was a spell for occult wisdom and knowledge. Even to this day I still feel the ripples of that work nearly 20 years later.


I’ve got a purple candle today along with the red one. That might be my next move.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, which is the hardest to take. Good luck my friend, looking forward to hearing the results