Performing a Spell to cause Harm or Death on my Landlord's Family

I’ve faced serious harassment from my landlord, and have even engaged a lawyer and the police, and have filed a police case against them. They have engaged in a very nasty harassment campaign against me. So beyond taking legal and police action, I want to perform a magic spell to cause serious harm or even death onto one of their family members.

Can anyone give me the basic outline for how to do this? Which spirits, demons, to approach for this, and the basic outlines of the spell, or how to perform it.

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try a freeze spell.
I have tried one for a person sending annoying messages, and it worked like a charm: they left me alone.
search the forum for Vovin’s freeze spell :slight_smile:
even if you mess up a little in the execution, it is a solid spell.

i am simply ignoring their messages, i dont want to freeze them. I want to cause serious harm, even death.


Raum delivers great loss. Valefar to make them unwell and to take their power away from them. Glasya Labolas for pain. Forcalor for death.

There’s also the Enochian ritual from Universal Magick for Decay and Corruption.

Servitors that can be programmed to pretty much do whatever you want to a target…


Thank you. Praise Forcalor, i will check into him now!

Asking for a death spell, would probably require a sacrifice? I mean, what are the details of the spell? What would I be able to offer to Focalor in exchange?

I’m not a demonolator so I don’t praise the demons per se, but I will reward them if they do a good job.

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I suggest you read Gordon Winterfield’s Demons of Magick for a complete demonic evocation system. No you don’t need to offer anything.

Search the forum for Demons of Magick. Many magicians on this forum have written posts about it.

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So i can just stare at Forcalor’s sigil, and then state outloud “Forcalor, I want you to KILL (name of person), by causing them to die of the covid vaccine”?

Anyway a lot of people have said that a death curse is something very heavy, leaves really heavy energy, not to be used by beginners or even advanced magicians, but here’s the thing. I DON’T DARE. The negative energy cannot affect me since I am already so far gone. Nothing can bother me anymore. So I’ll perform this death spell, and I won’t have any fear or guilt.

I just have one question left. Is there any chance of such a spell backfiring and hurting or killing someone close to me, like a pet or a friend or such?

In my coumtry a tenant can torture thier land lords but xapturing thoer property as courts is slow in India

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Hello, I don’t have much experience with entities capable of killing someone, but I’ll leave you some ideas, maybe some will help you.
“Osrail” from Franz Bardon’s work “The Practice of Magical Evocation”
“Lilith” in her Hellhound form
“The holy death” also “Santa Muerte”
Even with a djinn of the efrit race you have a good chance of achieving your goal, but i think that first you must have some kind of bonding with any spirit or entity involved.

Raine sharps ugly stick ritual from anthology of sorcery 3 EA and raine did a video and put it on u tube
I did it on someone who owed me a lot of money 6000 miles away within 24 hours i knew where he was living and was able to pass on the info to alotof unsavoury local people to him who he also owed money i never got to find out what happened but six months later his business had gone
When i did the ritual a blue light appeared seemed to be interested in what was going on it was very cool
Ea koeting / Raine sharp ugly stick ritual . See what it did for her .Happy Magick herbie

It is not really backfire that is a term for beginners and their level of understanding. Working with some demons of killing and death makes them to follow you around and then their specialisation is their vector. If they feel something or someone is holding you back or sucking your energy and leaving less for them, in that case they’ll make room. The same is working with demons of wealth when you work with them they will solve somehow the actual situation to create the right one :snake:

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