Perfect Total Physical Manifestation and Money Magick

HI THERE, Do you have any DIRECT Instructions to fully manifest my magickal name SIDDHIGURU in my Physical reality with total perfect Balance and alignment with Perfect True Highest Will? ALSO, any Post referalls or direct instructions or suggestions to be able to manifest money out of thin air? From no where with my mind or heart or spirit power only… Money I can safely and confidently and truthfully use in the physical world for actual needs and wants without any blood sacrifice or at least without any H. sacrifice??? Please HELP ME please. I need your help. Thank you in advance.

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Why does your profile say you’re an adept? You do claim to be a LHP Master…

It also says you’re “rich as fuck”, so why do you need our help with money?

I’m trying to understand what you actually know to help answer your questions.


My profile says I am an adept and a Master and I am rich as fuck because I want to be like that but I am actually not yet like that and I feel, think, believe and know it is good, okay and most likely the right thing to do and be right nows…

Plus, on some level and in some dimensions my brother/sister/father/mother/friend,
I genuinely actually believe that I am at least if not totally In A Way/Path/Dimension/Level, I am actually really truly a Master, An Adept and Rich As Fuck. It feels like I am being forced against my will and at the same time in accordance with my desire and a little will to Be a Master and To Be Rich… For a time and times, half a times and Forever and Ever. Happily ever after. I have edited this post please. Help me.

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Now that you understand what I actually know, help me answer my questions.

Work with spirits whos energy resembles your Magick name. Just get in tune with their energy. I do this not via my name but via my soul energy if that makes sense and I’m still in the process of it

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“Please,” and “Thank you,” are the magick words.


The book Wealth Magick is a good one if you do actually want to be rich.

The money isn’t going to literally poof onto your lap from thin air, but changes and opportunities will appear in your life. It’s up to you whether you will be an armchair wannabe money magician or one who uses magick to get rich.