Peoples perception of me is wrong hear me out

So this has been a recurring problem for me for years.

People think im homosexual, or that i give off that vibe and i have heard some interesting feedback.

I get too emotional, im reactive
The way i carry myself
The way i generally respond to certain situations if i have a fight with someone
The way that i walk which is unusual

Its been a bane on my existence as a whole because the majority of my relationships have been toxic, and therefore peoples view of me is stunted and judged

Im not here to be judgemental or to throw sterotypes around but this perception of me has carried for years and it is honestly wrong

Im curious as everyone is if there is a spirit who can take away this presumption of me from the general public because it is 100 percent false.

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I don’t care if you’re gay or straight or whatever. Nobody here does. This is a loving and accepting community of people from all backgrounds and groups. Your sexuality is irrelevant.


How others see us is mostly based on our energy, and the self image we project.

So how do you see yourself?

Based on your answer to that question, I would work on your aura, and strengthen the energy you put out. Glamour magick can be used to make most people see you in any way you want them to. You can even tailor it to specific people or groups, so that one will see you one way, and another person will see you in a different way.

Another option would be to create a servitor to alter others’ perceptions of you into more favourable ones. I have a familiar that does this for me when I perform on stage, for example.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that some people project their own biases and insecurities onto others, so some could still see you as homosexual, no matter what, simply because of their own fears that have nothing to do with you in actuality.

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The person in paticular i did a enslavement spell on but their opinions are coming from their friends, albeit however the group sees me is wrong i havent done any aura work in years honestly so how i see myself is a confident man. Who pushes people away and keeps them at a distance


It happened with me a lot too and I learned to use it to my advantage. As you work with some entities it will change