People with Jupiter in these placement

This is a short topic about Jupiter and its blessings.

Jupiter is the main planet that gives prosperity, children, good family life and husband. It’s the most benefic planet. When Jupiter is strong, the person lives an easy and happy life. When ill posited it creates a lot of troubles in the person’s life.

He represents both ancestors and God, both descendants and ascendants ( ancestors).

Jupiter shows how well the individual is connected to his ancestors.

For eg people who have Jupiter in 8th house, here the individual was born accidentally or miraculously either the parents did not plan him or there was birth complications and people thought the child would never come out.

That was just an ancestral warning to say hey parents you are not ready to have a child, be patient but the child came anyway but the ancestors were not happy.

Someone with Jupiter in 8th house lives a life of miracles. Things die and are resurrected. It is a life of faith.

Jupiter has 2 special strong aspect: 5th and 9th places away from where it is posited.

For example Jupiter in 1st house will aspect the 5th and the 9th house

In the 2nd house, it will be the 6th and the 10th house and etc…

When Jupiter is in 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th house:
These are the challenging houses for someone

because with its aspects or placement Jupiter is influencing the 12th house of heaven. The person cannot see or feel naturally God in his material pursue as he is in heaven watching from the sky. Here God is truly in heaven so you have to reach to him and he’s expected to be treated like a god.

The person will feel that he needs to beg or do a lot of rituals to get results and he must do it.

If you have Jupiter in these houses, don’t just do one ritual and go. It won’t work 100%. Do it repeatedly for a certain period of time.

Jupiter or your ancestors must feel like you are going to them so they can bless you because before you were born you got separated with them, you need to do the first steps.

Now the power of jupiter will depend upon your ascendant in sidereal astrology. If you are Sagittarius, Pisces, cancer, Aries, Scorpio and Leo ascendant Jupiter is much more influencial then those ruled by Saturn, Venus and mercury.


What can you tell about Jupiter in 10th house?

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Lucky me :upside_down_face:

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Do not let your belief system guide you in your work environment. Each time you do that you gonna lose. Leave your faith at home.

10th house is the house of Saturn where practically means everything. Jupiter in 10th house is debilitated, it like bringing a priest or pastor into the corporate world.

The person will always link his faith to his career. In a good sign it can be very good, but if Jupiter is heavily damaged then for eg a person can be a CEO and choose not to work with certain people because of their faith or how they behave or look.

But Jupiter is the greatest benefactor so with time he will do better. He will aspect the 2nd and the 6th house. If Jupiter is in a good sign he will increase exponentially your finances and will take care of your enemies if you are wise enough

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Thank you. I have Jupiter in Aries, so don’t know if it is good or bad sign for him. By faith you mean religion? Luckily I’m not much religious person

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Not only religion but your beliefs system. Is Jupiter in Aries in sidereal or tropical ?

Both tropical and sidereal Jupiter is in aries.

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I have Jupiter in the 8th house in Leo. The night after I was born, in the hospital I began choking on mucus and by miracle my mother woke up to find me blue, rushed me to the nurses aid and I was saved. This clearly wasn’t by chance.

Faith in my dream has proved successful this far in my journey. Thank you so much for this wisdom, your kindness in sharing won’t be forgotten by me.

Also note to anyone else who has these placements, pick an affirmation statement, whatever you truly desire your life to become. Write it out 3 times in the morning, 6 times at noon, 9 times at night.

18 times total, those of you who have a knowledge of numerology will understand the significance of this.

This has worked wonders for me so far, some results that can only be described as magickal. Stay consistent, keep faith in your dreams and you’ll understand what they mean by heaven on earth.


Then Jupiter is in own sign in Pisces :pisces: in sidereal. You are a Gemini ascendant owned by mercury so you are quick in your thoughts, love small talk and you look things into details. Jupiter is the opposite of you. He doesn’t look much into details and doesn’t like small talks.

So in career you may feel like you are missing details or do things without being critical and this can slow down your progress.

You gonna have bosses who are in their own world,

The work environment will be so chill, relax,

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Technically they can’t be

Um, No. In sidereal I have Asc in cancer. Jupiter in tropical chart is in last degree of Aries and in sidereal on the beginning degress of Aries

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Your welcome :pray: I am glad this information helped. Keep in touch with your ancestors.

Yeah you really picked up something great.

4th house is the house of emotions
5th house of mantra, a word that binds the 4th house

6th house becomes the results of that repetitions. You become your habits

8th house is the house of unconsciousness thoughts

12th house subconscious.

So to control the 8th house you must start with a mantra and do it regularly.

Great man :handshake::muscle:t3:

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Ooh okay so cancer asc

So Jupiter is in 11th house in Aries not 10th house.

Jupiter will be acting through your elder brother or your friends.

And do not marry if you are not mature

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Hm, house placement would depend on house system. I used placidus system for houses, and in both sidereal and tropical don’t change the houses where planets reside. I hope that will clarify :slight_smile:

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What is the degree of your ascendant ?

May I PM you, will send both sidereal and tropical natal charts. Will be much easier :smiley:

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They change, it depends on your ascendant degree.

Tropical is 26 degrees ahead of sidereal. Most of the time the ascendant in tropical is not the same as in sidereal.

If in sidereal, you are a cancer ascendant then Aries falls in the 10th house.

But in tropical you will be a Leo then Aries will fall in 9th house.

It depend on the ascendant. So Jupiter cannot be in the same house technically



@mth_yesco which calculator do you use?
I’ve just used the cafe astrology one, to find out a bit more about my placements. Pretty interesting, some things are spot on about my personality.

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I mainly use Vedic astrology (Hindu)