People driving me crazy

Im not sure where this is coming from i think its the spirits showing me that people are against me but i have felt the need to do divination about my situation and the answer kept coming up as “do nothing” still holds true but i cant help but notice everyone against me and again i seen certain people go against me for no good reason at all and felt this swelling rage hit me out of nowhere these people threaten my peace of mind my housing which i now lost and im curious how to curse them i know its what i need to do perhaps some more divination is appropriate but im not sure how to handle this hulk of rage within myself

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This sounds like the good old fashioned clearout! The spirits are showing you all those negative nancy’s and norman’s that are hanging around pretending to be friends and allies but no there really annoying cunts. There advice to you was “do nothing” because you should let me walk out of your life because they are a big waste of space that you placed your energy into, without you even realising that you gave a shit about all these no nothing cunts and what they thought about you. Now let those nasty ass motherfuckers be gone!


Still feel like cursing them because these people are blaming me without taking responsibility for their own shit

Nah just hold a mirror up to whoever is doing the talking, and i mean an acutal mini portable mirror and smile while they there talking.

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Hey if the spirits don’t want you to curse them maybe there’s a reason. If you feel the need to curse anyway maybe there’s a reason for that too

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I prefer cursing. I saw a ritual with pal magera on the voudan course its basically sending back all the negative shit people put on you so their lives fall apart. The mirror thing is more folk magick and i like to make use of my intuition on this but i love your input @kiss-lamia-lilith

Its not just folk magick its a great metaphore too, litrally look at yourself and your own shit lol! It’s Magick Meets Art & Theatre!