People born from jinn?

To be caught between two worlds, to go to sleep, yet not sleep…a different world when I shut my eyes. Yet a same world, just as real as this world? This world, I have done well in, anything I wanted I have got. Material gains. With protection. .in the other world I also have a good life…I sleep under the tree, I am animal forest born… Lilith is my mother…so what am I? Delusional?

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I can see how your thought process is leaning towards the possibility that this in-between state of yours is because of being some kind of hybrid, with one foot in both worlds. However:

  1. There isn’t much to go off in order to declair that such a thing is what’s happening to you

  2. Lilith isn’t a jinn

  3. What you’re describing sounds more like still being in contact with your past life and traveling to your origins


Have you attempted to ground and see if there are any issues within your energy. Is there anything else you can describe? Do you sense or hear anything?

Yeah doesn’t make much sense that Lillith would be your mother yet you’re talking about being born of a jinn. Sounds like you need to ground yourself.

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There is technically a female jinn who has similarities to Lilith (but isnt Lilith)


I never heard of her. Who is she?

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You are a human first of all but you also are a Djinn, an Angel or a demon, because we all are. We all come from a single source of energy and Djinns, Demons and angles are also a part of ourselves as they are the part of the external. That’s what I believe.


That’s not exactly how that works. Telling someone they are something without actually doing the proper readings involved will just make things messy. That idea of being of one source, while has merit only really goes in terms of the concept that everything is made of energy.

Yes, I know but I am not claiming that he is “Something”. We all are humans but we are also a part of the Divine. What I meant to explain was that We all come from the same source as Djinns or Demons. They’re just larger bits, while we’re smaller parts of that whole.

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How are you certain that we come from the same source as them? When we ourselves may not come from the same source :thinking:


I know Lilith isn’t a jinn…
I know I am not a hybrid…
I also know I’m not mad
Or delusional!
What I do know is…
I dream/live life in a forest
I can’t put in words, what I am trying to explain

I am 100% positive, know from my core…we are from the same source…I’ve seen it! From dreams…I’ve experienced it! Maybe I am mad!
I can’t explain it properly… the best way I can describe it is, like light hitting a prism, rainbow effect…all different but the same…but all going in the same direction…

I would disagree as I’ve had the experience of seeing various sources and my own source, I do agree some people come from the same source but not everyone comes from the same source. Most only believe in one source because it’s what they have read about, but it’s not what they have experienced or looked to experience outside of what they were told.

I originally believed in one source, but my experiences have led me to believe myself to have been wrong.

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Darwin on a spiritual scale? If we weren’t all from the same source, how can we perceive, acknowledge what is part of being?

I will explain… many times I dreamt of sitting in the roots of a tree…I have seen all seasons pass in a flash of an eye, time isnt real…I have sat there, still and happy…tucked away from view… just watching… and just like animals, entity’s come…

Sounds pretty vague, cool but vague to draw that kind of conclusion on a dream.

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I don’t think there are certainties when it comes to this kind of stuff. Just opinions and belief.

A more science based way of looking at this is the Big Bang theory. The entire universe was once contained as one singularity. Therefore we all share the same energy/matter at some level with everyone and everything in the universe.

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I understand what you are saying, a dream, vague etc…to me it’s not a dream, it’s a dual existence…it’s like two worlds, one awake, one sleeping, both the same…both relevant, both overlapping, I have really questioned, if I am going mad, delusional! But to view things, people, events as already viewed. Surely that isn’t coincidence?

Except dreams are most of the time created by the mind and shouldn’t be compared to “reality” unless an entity or something is dreamwalking you to show you something or it’s those kind of clairvoyant dreams.

Delusional to me is when you don’t question anything you experience and take it to extremes. A person who questions their experiences knows how sensitive the mind can be so they will question.