People all around me are stomping or clapping right as i think certain thoughts and the sudden shock can cause them manifest. Theres a light energy around me torturing me, burning my face and poking my eyes. What is going on?

Theres a Super light energy very bright that comes whenever I sit down. Feels like a gust of wind around me. The energy seems like itd be good since it is light and cool but this energy attacks my face, eyes and brain.

Additionally it feels like I’m being burnt by cigarettes.

People around me are stomping or clapping suddenly when i think certain thoughts as if causing them to manifest. Also i was hexed by my TF i just met.
Belial awakened me to my shadow.
This was a mistake.

Man i had a good life before. And i chose the dark path for a good reason too, to understand my darkness in order to transcend it

Requesting a scan, what is going on here???

Last thread, you complained about how opening yourself up to the darker paths somehow ruined this wonderful life you had in the past. In this one, you’re stating the same, but also showing signs of mental instability.

You should consider seeking professional (medical) help to rule out organic causes.


yup. seems like it’s all in your head making excuses of entities destroying your life. we normal people call it the blame game and making up stuff just to validate things not going well with ourselves. I see that your also playing the victim using any event as excuse of things gone wrong.
Think logical to find out solutions and proof that it’s not man made thoughts.

No sane normal person will willingly choose to go to the dark side. Natural homeostasis of health is that the body strive for health and good things. If one is searching for the darkness/dark side (or whatever one calles it) especially if things are going well as you said than something is wrong with you. Natural laws of the universe is that a being will always strive to be good to self for the sake of being healthy and survival. that’s the universal law. It strive for health. There’s no reason to go to dark side to self mutilate as it’s not in our natural dna. Only way a person would think of doing harm to self is due to error programming by being brainwash by society’s media or negative news or those around you. A person will not think negative toward self without outside influence of such.


Youre stronger than it. Internalize that, its all you need to know.

Or idk, try talking with it

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My friend, not everything in this life is magick, and sometimes we should consider help.Medical or psychological.And I think you should too.

Seeking help isn’t a sign of being insane, it is a precaution.


Take a break from the Occult. Dive head first into something else. Give yourself some well needed rest.

I was here two years ago and after almost a year off, I’m better. I don’t think the dark path is right for you. It wasn’t for me either. Just take a break and shield.


Sounds to me you overworked your higher chakras! You need a balance! Work on your lower chakras and ground the energy! How is your diet? Are you fasting or something?

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