Pentagram Charging

So I was just curious. I’m doing the pentagram exercises. I drew a pentagram on black construction paper with a silver marker. I also decided to circumscribe a circle around the outermost corners. (It just felt right). Within minutes of gazing (no chanting) , some lines started to changed colors and would sporadically disappear and reappear. So I’m guessing success with the exercise.
My question is what are your thoughts on charging this sigil and keeping it open.

Idk, I’d say that it would be more interesting to charge that drawing with the pentagram every day and then cut it and stick it with glue or something to a piece of cardboard, make 2 holes with a pencil or something and make it a necklace of some sorts. (at least that’s what I tried in the past when I made a talisman of protection with the sigil of Raphael) Don’t ask me why I used a piece of cardboard :)). Unfortanetly I lost that talisman that was really powerful after 2-3 days or so. Sooo, yeah, that would be a method of harnessing the power of that symbol.