Pentacle of Venus Talisman

Hello, I saw this Talisman on Amazon, and I was wondering if this Talisman would work. If it does work; how do I use this talisman: Do I wear it inside or outside my clothes, Do I use wishful thinking while wearing it, and how do I charge it?

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That’s the 5th pentacle of VEnus from the key of solomon seal. There are 44 seals. That particular seal is to be shown to person. To activate the seal you say the psalm that goes with the seal. I just got me a ring version as it’s better to my taste. It can easily be shown to others covertly. people naturally look at rings. It’s to get others to show interest or passion toward u.

since you just joined. Browse, read. be open minded and learn. U need lots of foundation if your a newbie. Most your questions will be answered by the many post done already. use the search function.


I’ve had these seals but I stopped wearing them because people would ask about them, and felt like I couldn’t be covert about my involvement with the occult.

Thank you!

it’s good cuz your getting attention. =o) U don’t have to tell them it’s the occult. say it’s good luck charm. It’s charm to get people like you to show interest. That’s telling the truth. hehe.

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When creating a talisman the power comes from the actions and intent of creating the symbol itself from your own mind and creative ability which makes it unique and important to you personally.

The process of taking an intention and transforming it into a magical symbol encodes the meaning of that symbol and it’s magical potential from your mind and should be something that you personally have created for this magical tool to be effective.

From what I have seen it seems to be a Jewish talisman in Hebrew, the talisman has the star of David to the top. Are you Jewish do you understand Hebrew? If the answer is no, then this isn’t the talisman for you.

When creating a talisman, the power comes from the actions and intent of creating the symbol itself. You should create your own talisman and use symbols you have created that have meaning to you and in a language you understand.

When you use a talisman created by someone else you’re using a random symbol of someone else’s creation to focus your magical intention. This can still work and be effective but it is not tapping into your mind and your magic in the way a talisman is supposed to work.

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it’s not random. It’s one of the 44 sigils seals of solomon. Just like the 72 goetia sigils.

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Do you understand Hebrew, can you translate it? No. When creating a talisman it should be a personalized process, if it has no meaning to you or you do not understand the language or intent, it defeats the purpose of a personalized talisman and your specific intent be it luck, protection or love.

Do you understand sigils and seals? You activate it using demons/angels to charge it up. This is not self created seals/sigils. IT’s seal of solomon. There’s a process called consecrating objects for certain purpose weather you create the object or someone else creating it.

IF what you say is true. then we might as well don’t use any sigils of demons as we didn’t create them.

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What I am saying is doing things by rote over and over, mechanical or habitual repetition of something from someone else with different backgrounds from my experience isn’t going to work be it a love talisman or a sigil. The most effective magic is what you create personally, putting the work, time and creativity into your own personal magic is what has worked for me.

There are many books and talisman out there created by someone else, what has worked for them may not work for you. Only you can decide what is the best path with your magic.

Hmmm why not consecrated it with the 4 elements through the power of the Djinns: Paralda, Djinn, Nicksa, Ghob? Or calling the Blessing of a Venusian Demon like from Qliphot A’Arab Zaraq. It should be weared but not touched by the prophane (physical or by sight)

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