Penny divination

For the past two days I’ve been using pennies to communicate with spirits . First I summoned president buer . He was answering me good . I asked him about a pact . I asked if he received it he said yes . He didn’t help me with it so I asked him if he could help me if I switched up the terms will he help me and i got a yes .

Today I summoned Prince Orobas . I was getting some communication but I can’t remember (I need to write down the questions and answers so I can remember) . I summoned Duke Dantalion . Here’s where it gets tricky . I asked him my first question and got 2 heads and 2 tales . I asked him if I have and ps3 and got a strong no (4 tales) . I think he was being sarcastic because I do have a ps3 . But long story short, almost all of my questions received a 2 heads and 2 tales answer from him, even though i asked for more clarification. I believe there is no way that was a coincidence .

How many times should I ask a question ?
Should I keep trying to see what I get ?

Duke Dantalion might have been annoyed that you asked him a question that you clearly knew the answer to. What I did with my pennies is that when I first got them ready, I just used them for basic divination. At that point I would say something like “stupid question time,just trying to tune up the pennies.” and then I would ask a stupid question that I already knew the answer to. Almost like tuning a guitar. Did this the first time or two when using the pennies. After that, they were ready, because if you keep asking dumb questions, you will start getting dumb answers. Happened to me, so that’s how I know that a couple of times is enough.

The 2 heads and tails usually means yes, but it could also sometimes mean no. Usually an extra throw or two will get you more clarification, but I have also had that happen where the throws keep coming up 2&2 where it could mean one thing or another. After two extra throws, I don’t ask again. In my experience, this is the spirits making you think and sure enough, you will get your answer later and it will make sense.

Also, did you smudge your pennies before using? Gets rid of the bad shit and that way you can start fresh. After you really start using them, you will notice changes in the pennies.


I didn’t clean them

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I would. When I first stumbled upon the 4 penny method on the internet, the only thing I found was just about using the 4 pennies as a divination tool and what the different combo of heads and tails meant. The smudging, personalizing, and other things I have noticed and learned about the pennies has come through a shit load of trial and error.


I would also add as a recommendation, notes lots of notes.

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