Penny/ Coin Divination For the first time

I would like to share the pennydivination I done yesterday. I used the 25 paisa coins ( 4 coins ) for this divination.

I lit a white candle and was gazing at sigil of Lilith. Sigil didn’t flash or nothing happened to say it as sigil is charged, but I felt a strange bit like a shock passed through my backbone.
I then started to ask questions.

I took four coins, and the questions I asked and answers I received through coins are as follows,

here H is heads and t is tails.
I considered combinations as
a. HHHH- Strong Yes
b. HHHT- Yes
c. HHTT- Yes somewhat
d. HTTT- No
e. TTTT- strong no.

  1. Is this you Lilith ?
    A: TTTT - No

  2. Who are you? Satan !!! ( here Satan name popped in my mind.)
    A: HHHT - yes

  3. Are you willing to help me to raise me spiritually?
    A: HHHH – Strong Yes

  4. Can you shows yourself to me in my dream?
    A: HTTT - No

  5. Will you help me on the way now m leading on?
    A: HHHT – yes

  6. Can I post this on BALG forum?
    A: HHHT – yes

After this I ended the session. This was the first time I was doing this kinda divination.