Penguin's Qliphothic Journal

In an effort of getting along with my life, and my intuition pulling me towards it, I decided to begin going through the Qliphoth. This is my journal marking all my experiences during and post ritual. I’m not a very descriptive person, I’m sorry about that.
I will be using V.K. Jehannums sphere working rites, which can be accessed here:

Sphere One: Nahemoth
Despite only needing to recite the rite once in order to initiate through the Qlipha, I was pulled to do it 8 times. Why, I have certainly no clue- but I guess that’s just how I’m going to do it.
After doing the 8 repetitions of the rite, I felt almost in a drug-induced state. I felt strong vibrations throughout my body, my heart beating fast with a burning inside my chest, along with a dizzy like sensation reminiscent of being in and out of sleep. Despite some preconceived notions of seeing things after going to sleep, or being attacked by Namaah, neither of that occurred. I do not know if the attack is yet to come, or if I’m just one of those people who didn’t get it.


Sphere Two: Gamaliel
At the beginning of the first repetition, I already felt strong vibrations surge through my body. By the end of the second repetition, the vibrations started to magnify around my head, almost like that’s where the energy was pouring into. I started seeing the energy in the room more clearly, without having to concentrate so much like I used to. When I was on my third repetition, I was pulled to move on to initiate through Samael before finishing my repetitions. I used pendulum divination to confirm that is the action I should take, and so I moved on.

Sphere Three: Samael
The only noticeable effects during the rite were that the vibrations I felt on my head, were now focused on my eyes. After the rite, I started to feel aches and pains throughout my body, mainly around my neck and shoulders. I also felt extremely drained and tired, despite drinking 3 cups of coffee shortly beforehand in order to do as many rites as possible that day. Let it be known, nothing I planned for ended up happening lol. I felt so powerful doing those two repetitions of Gamaliel earlier, only to feel hungover after this rite. I could barely function to the point where I had to take a nap on the couch, which is unusual as I do not take naps, and my couch is the most uncomfortable piece of furniture in my home. I essentially slept all day and night before I felt normal.