Pendulum questions (5 readings) CLOSED for now

I have been working with Vassago to help with my clairs, and divination.

I had good success with my “deck of many things” I want to move on to more, such as Tarot, but first my pendulum.

PM me, your favorite colour, up to 3 (three) yes or no questions. If you can’t pm let me know.

Thank you.
Password: Godhood


I’d like one

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One for me pretty please

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Me me me!!

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i wud have one , u said 5 reading

PM me, subject favorite colour, password Goodhood


@anon48079295, @Angelb1083, @MagickVigilante, @sensitiveman, @Brand_New, @KingOfEvil

I am sorry that my reading is taking so long, something didn’t seam right, so I’m giving my stones/crystals/pendulums a salt bath (I never done this before, had them for a few months, must be gunked up with who knows what)

I’m hope after tonight, I’ll be able the start off with more positive energy.



if u start again please let me have a reading. password :godhood

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