Pendulum Exercises

It seems to me, that the more unusual the chances are that the pendulum gives a true answer, the more accurate it becomes. Does that make sense? For example - I’ll set out some poker cards, face down. I’ll hold the pendulum over them with clockwise designated for black cards, counter-clockwise for red cards, up and down for face cards, and left to right for everything else (aces, jokers, instructions card, etc.).
I can nail the unusual cards with a pretty high success rate. Almost every time I’ll get a hit. But the more regular the chances of a reading is (aka black and red cards) I end up with a more or less 50% rate.
Any thoughts on this?
Does anybody have any pendulum exercises they have found to help? I’ve only recently begun the poker card exercise, so I won’t be able to give a report on its effectiveness for a little while, but I would be interested to hear what you guys have found to be beneficial as far as practicing with the pendulum.

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Interesting man…yeah, I’ve found some strange patterns occurring with my use of the pendulum. I haven’t yet tried the card method you have explained but sounds like a great way to practice. I will have to give this a shot for sure!

From what I gather from my own experiences is that the etheric fields and interpersonal relationships with situations change often if only slightly so the response may be different for each session. What was a YES yesterday may be a NO today and so on. Obviously this is more with situational and interpersonal questions and not the cards. Sometimes I guage the Yes or No swing by the intensity of the swing or lack thereof. Sometimes the swing is so strong and wide which I usually take as a resounding YES or NO, or if it is less in intensity it will lead to me reading it in a different way often with accompanying intuitive thoughts as to why it is a lighter YES or NO and the other factors will flash across my mind as visuals or feelings.

Sometimes the mind or ego gets in the way that is for sure and it influences the answer as has been already discussed on another thread. Personal energy levels are important too. If I am feeling calm, confident and centered the readings are more accurate. If I am low on energy or frazzled I may as well not even bother as it is a waste of time. I have tried to make my mind and emotions as dull and non-responsive as possible and this seems to help, sort of like void meditation.

I have been using items of sympathy like images on my computer screen or photos, hair and ask questions over them which I have found works really well and aids a focal point to the question so my mind picks up what the question is relating too without too much over-exertion.

The more I use my pendulum the more in tune I get with the process and the more the inner faculties come into play guiding me towards the true answer. The pendulum is just the focal point. I hope all that makes sense.

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I hear ya on that. I try to keep my mind completely off my hand, so I do something similar. I’ll focus so strongly on an image or an idea that I become unaware of my hand and what it is doing. When my hand flashes into my awareness, I can definitely feel my conscious mind having an influence on the swing of the pendulum - so I have to refocus. I hadn’t thought of re-adjusting the swings according to the current energetic relationship though … I’ll give that a shot. I usually just do a swing and state something like, "this indicates ‘yes’ " … but I like your method - it reminds me of retuning your box in psionics for each operation. I like that. I’ll have to try that today.

Yea, to my understanding, you don’t “show” the pendulum what the responses are, you ask or you tell. “Show me yes”, “show me south”, “move up and down for ‘peanut butter’” or what have you. The more you work with the pendulum, hopefully at least, the more consistent it will be in answering.


What I explained of that method can be taken in a couple of ways so I should make it a bit more clear what I meant if just for clarity’s sake.

Firstly, as you guys would already know it’s good to ask two dummy questions that you know the answer of at the start of the session to find out which is going to be YES or NO, which is just like you said, DK, as in tuning the radionics box for each operation. Generally, for me it tends to be a clockwise spin for YES and counter-clockwise for NO but it can change on occasion to up and down or side to side so, for sure man, it is worth tuning it in that way.

Secondly, the changing relationship that I should’ve elaborated on was in regards to situational questions which can change subtly from day to day. For instance if you asked the pendulum “Does X find me sexually attractive?” or something like that. A strong positive spin one day may be a weaker one the next due to the ‘targets’ subtly changing energy fields or thought processes from day to day, and I can usually verify the accuracy by picking up on the targets body language that day. Things such as intense eye contact, playing with hair while talking to me, a feeling of the output of her etheric field whether it’s putting out sexual energy or if there is a conscious restraint or preoccupation on the targets behalf. That is just one thing I have noticed happens a bit. Usually if I receive a stronger spin one day I will have some real verifiable effect that is overwhelmingly accurate.

I’m pretty sure that’s why Uncle Chuckie mentions to tune the box for each operation even if for the same target and I am starting to think it’s the same deal with the pendulum but possibly the more accustomed you get to this process the more you can dive right in and know what each swing is telling you without the need for dummy questions. The right mental state is the difference IMO. :slight_smile:


Reading back over what you said, DK about keeping you focus off your hand when using the pendulum is something that got me thinking. I might try to keep my focus away from my hand and see if anything changes results wise because I know for sure that you can mentally will the pendulum to swing in any way you want and stop the swing by mentally commanding it, so you can move on to the next question.

I was thinking of making some kind of screen or stand that will block the visual of my hand and arm, yet leave the bottom few inches exposed to view the swing. Perhaps that might help. Maybe I’ll go all the way and design some kind of elbow cushioning/ arm rest with a suction cap attached to the desk with a stand and screen attached. lol! For some reason I imagine that Stallone movie ‘Over the Top’ with the cool arm wrestle gloves and elbow cushion. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Interesting …
I just had a thought. So, we have to “tune” into what the pendulum wants to do, right? Not that this would be anything practical, though it may have some practical implications.
I’m going to try using a psi box to re-tune the relationship between myself and the pendulum and/or whatever else is involved in order to legitimately cause the pendulum to use whatever direction to be whatever answer I want it to be. Do you guys see what I’m saying? Use an external psi box to tune the relationships such that the answer is presented in whatever way you want so that it is also in alignment with what the pendulum and energetic relationship requires.
I know it’s not directly a productive concept unless you really really want up and down to be ‘yes’ - but if it does work, which I think it will, it may have some more useful implications.

That is my understanding. Or at least, it doesn’t seem like you can force it. I think you can “teach” it in addition to just “asking” it what the answers are. I just think that if you straight up “force” it, your conscious mind interferes too much.

So yea, I think your psi box attunement method could be a nice hybrid approach.

When I first started working with my pendulum, after cleansing it with sage, I taught it what I wanted from it by showing and speaking to it. Kind of like teaching someone how to perform a task. “This direction is yes, this is no, this is here”. It took about a week or so of just playing with it and asking simple questions before I was certain it could answer correctly. Now, no matter what direction I’m facing in a ritual I know I’m getting accurate answers. I do “tune in” to my pendulum each time I use it and I keep my questions simple.

I did the same thing to teach mine how I wanted it to answer. That’s how I was taught and it was the first divination tool I worked with for any length of time.

I posted the stuff I’ve found out so far about pendulum use here - one bit I left out is that you can get very effective answers by asking about your relationship to the action.

For example, you want to know whether to ask someone on a date, or whether to buy something expesive, asking “Should I do this?” leaves too many variables about what “should” could mean, plus all your subconscious baggage can set in, so I found that asking “If I do this, will I regret it?” gets a clearer (and, so far, accurate) answer.

As with a lot of stuff, for some reason it’s best to frame it in the affirmative i.e., “Will I regret it if I do …” not “Will I regret it if I don’t do …”

I’ve found this was generally a better question than “Will I be happy with the results of …” - maybe, just like people have premonitions over deaths etc, but not over finding $20 in the street, our minds are more likely to warn us of potential loss and danger - psychologically speaking, studies show we’re usually risk-averse in most of our financial choices, for example.


Good advice, Lady Eva. I’ve also found a good technique for certain applications in regards to the pendulum. I’ve has success with it numerous times. It’s the list method. If you wanted to know which person it was that started rumors about you or stole the money from someone and so on, but had no idea who did it but you have a group of names that it would have to be one of them. First of all pronounce that you want to know truthfully and unbiasedly who did the act and put aside any pre-existing suspects. Hold a pencil or pointer in you other hand and point to each name until you get a yes or no response after asking “was it him”? and go down the list until you get a positive response.

I think being creative in the way you ask the questions of the pendulum is paramount to success or increased accuracy as it seems that you are alluding to that. Pendulum letter and number charts, 0-100 charts, 1-10 charts, lists, etc, are all great ways to help keep your feelings and biases out of it and help to get a detached and quite possibly a more accurate answer. Just sitting there asking questions waiting for a yes of no answer can get really tedious and it’s not long before the attention sways. Keeping it interesting, different and clever goes a long way with the pendulum.

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I thought I would post here regarding tonight’s pendulum experience while feeding my spirit gathered using a ritual from Dantes Necromancy Sorcery grimoire. I was more than surprised.

I did the standard qualifying work of “Show me Yes, Show me No” and a couple of accuracy questions.

From my blog:
“Pulled out the pendulum. Man did it respond like I have rarely seen. I started talking to her and what I was intuiting was strongly confirmed by the pendulum swing. Now, mind you, I have done EA’s (as in E.A. Koetting) Mastering Divination course so I know of the notoriously poor reliability of pendulums. I have always been skeptical of their use. However, the energy “I” was receiving through pendulum was intense. This is way different than how it usually works for me. I’ve just put my pendulum in my grimi bag so I have it all the time now. I asked point blank if she would respond to my summoning willingly, she said emphatically yes. Wow. The strength of the pendulum response, it going from still to swing then back to still was like nothing I have ever seen in my many years of using it. I’m pleased as punch. I asked her that so if she wasn’t willing I could bring her back and find another spirit who was. I’m not surprised really when I think about it. I’ve been hiring spirits for a few years now. I guess this approach that is making it so much more exciting.”

Blessings of health, wealth and joy to all who read this.
Lupus Luciferum

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