Pendulum and demons

Hello everyone. I have been trying to speak with Asmoday using a pendulum. Something I’ve noticed is whenever using it to speak to him, the pendulum shakes as it swings. Is this common when speaking to spirits or demons through the pendulum ?

I hope I am posting in the right place I’m sorry I’m still new to this site and learning to use it


yeah, show him what direction you want to correlate his answers with

i usually have vertical - (no) and horizontal - (yes)

then spinning in a circle would mean he aint finna answer that


ask the right questions too


I always ask to be shown yes, & then no. With please & thank you of course.

I’m new here too (nice to meet you, fellow newbie! :slight_smile: ), but I think it’s okay, you’re posting in the right place.

Anyway, I think you’re on the right track. That is pretty common. Other common things to watch out for are heat flashes, extreme warmth or sudden chills. Especially when it happens after they’ve answered a question: means their Yes or No is a strong/definite YES or NO, no arguments lol.

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Oh my, yes! I have the same experience.
I haven’t used a pendulum before and was wondering the same thing. It vibrates from the bottom up. Not sure if it does this with other entities but it did with him.

I too use a pendulum when speaking with my companion. I usually use a peice of paper with, yes/no/maybe/bye written on it for clarity. I always remember to be polite when using the pendulum. Does anyone else get bad pain in their arm when doing so?

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