Hello everyone,
Can you please help me to summon Pendralion? I read the book and I didn’t understand a thing (my English are not my mother language but I am trying)
I am looking for a simple way because I don’t live alone and my relatives are religious



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Also, what is your primary language?

Greek :slight_smile:


@Xag_darklight I think you might be able to help this individual.

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That’s pretty cool man, I hope you find some Greek friends on this site. Have a pleasant afternoon.

Thank you :slight_smile: You too

I am greek as well but I have not ever worked with Pendralion. I can give you some general tips about spirit workings if you want through pm though



Please message me I don’t know how to do this here

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Evoking Pendralion is fairly straight forward.

Draw out the square of his kingdom and his seal.

Open the square. If you are not familiar with opening a seal, here is the technique:

Once you have slipped into trance and the square is open, pick up the seal of Pendralion and place it on the square. Open the seal as you did the square, and once it is flashing, call out to Pendralion. This can be as simple as, “Pendralion, Grand Spirit of the Kingdom of Blue Flame, I summon you forth to appear before me, and to speak clearly in a voice I can understand!”

Continue the call until you either get a response or feel it is time to stop. Even if you don’t see or hear anything, assume Pendralion is listening and greet him. Welcome him to your temple, and tell him your request.


Thank you.
I dont have a temple.Is that ok?

Any place you perform your magick becomes your temple.


Thank you :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if someone will be interested, but I think I should share some experience.
For Pendralion I used two candles: one black and one white, and one incense. I think it was cedarwood. Anyway I also drew a sigil of Pendralion in the goetic style (I mean with circle and letters around it). I started with meditation that I learned from beginning of E.A. Koetting’s course about Black Magick. Then I gazed at sigil and after some time the lines started to dis- and re-appear.
I started chanting: “Pendralion come to me”, “Veni ad me, Pendralion”.
The last one was “Alash Tad, Alash Tal, Ashtu, Pendralion”

Then I saw in my head a king, sitting on throne, wearing a purple robes.
I welcomed Him and asked about rasing my salary. Then after two weeks, I got permament salary raise at work.

I think the Spirits from Kingdoms of Flame deserve as much attention as goetic Spirits.