Pedulum Use to Communicate


So for the past week ive been researching ways to communicate with entities could not find a clear tutorial on pendulum use but was happy with the information about its use, was doing this becuse i have a plan to make a contract with Duke Bune. I have bought a pendulum with a stand and i was looking for a sort of guide on how to get it ready and use it for yes and no answers. My claraudience skills are not developed and I chose to use a pedulum before moving onto tarot cards.

Today is friday which is a good day to call Duke Bune and go through contract making, any advice would be much appreciated.

I will keep this thread open as i make my contract and until it gets signed, sort of diary or journal. Ill also include which ritual method and tools I use.

Looking forward to it.

call Bune through his sigil, when sigil will be activated ask him questions - what you desire


Okay cheers for the reply

I was thinking more of any preparations to make with the pendulum and instructioned way of putting the pendulum to use.

If you are interested in dowsing, I recommend picking up a copy of S. Connelly’s chapbook Drawing Down Belial. She covers using the pendulum for communicating with demons, as well as other methods such as scrying, tarot, and channeling.

Your pendulum should be cleansed and consecrated before use.

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