Hi my dog has been diagnosed with liver cancer ,I’ve had him nearly twelve years and he was having fits so took him to the vet and she said it was aff citing his brain and his legs and he was ok for a few weeks then he got worse so I did an invocation to Raphael and healing ritual and the next day when I went to the vets is got a very knowledgeable vet who changed his tablets and told us to enjoy the time we have with him as it could be a few months till he passes,that evening cradling my dog who could not walk crying my eyes out and talking to him about past good times we had ,while his breathing quickened over the next few hours and I was sure I was going to lose him.I thought fuck this I’m going to try something and set up an offering and invoked pazuzu but since I was a little drunk did not finish the ritual properly so did it again the next day and the day after my dog was walking ok and he has put on weight and not had a fit since . I’m not saying he is cured but he looks and is moving a lot better. Thank you Pazuzu for helpIng my dog as without you I do not think he would be hear now ,I promised to share the success and prise your name online so others may know of the good you can do to help . Hail Pazuzu