Pazuzu and Beelzebub connection

There was a video from the Koetting channel (I think it was Bill Duvendack talking) that claimed that Beelzebub and Pazuzu are the same entity. Is that true? Has anyone else any similar experiences that confirms this?


Beelzebub was often linked to Enlil, Patron God of Nippur. Pazuzu is a God of storms and drought, theyre different people.


They must be like azazel and Paimon or Lucifer and amaymon, they are the same being but neither are it as if your subconscious had a different body from your conscious … It would still be you, but it wouldn’t be either!

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Azazel and Paimon are different people too.


They are not seperate either. It is a complicated matter. When asked none of the two give a direct answer


They’re their own people and separate. Their connection is a fairly new one and not really any real backing to it besides poor occult connection. Also that’s not true at all I wouldn’t be saying what I’m saying if either spoke of being separate. I’ve always gotten direct answers from both, it’s quite possible the ones that gave you indirect answers were mimics.
Why claim one when you can claim both and gain energy from people who believe they are one and the same? Azazel will tell you up front who he is or tell you to figure it out on your own as in learn to tell with your own senses.

I take anything Duvendack says with a grain of salt. This is the same guy who thinks the ancient Egyptians believed in reincarnation. Given that Beelzebub is a corruption of Baal Zebul, that’s really quite a leap to connect him with Pazuzu.


They are not people. They are manifestations of Source. Separation is an elaborate illusion like everything else is. Your beliefs act as filters which distorts every bit of information you receive. It’s the same for everyone. The fewer stories we make up about these beings, and the more discerning/picky we are about what we accept as being the truth, the closer we’ll get to the truth.

Are Pazuzu and Beelzebub connected? Well, in a way, yes. They are a part of the same Source. Yes, they have different traits and different “personalities” but they have at least one way they’re connected.

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I mean you’re free to think that sure, but yes they’re people just like you are a person, just because you want to strip away their individuality for your own ideology doesn’t really mean they’re not what they are. Separation isn’t an illusion I don’t subscribe to that over analyzed nonsense. The concept of all is one in terms of source is that their energies are from source and exist as individuals.


So it’s an UPG that you’re putting out here. Because none of what you claim can be verified. The problem is, you’re putting your UPG out here as if it’s factual.

With all due respect…

I have it direct from Source that separation is an illusion, channeled through someone who is a blank slate (has zero beliefs and preconceptions about anything to do with religion or anything else that would otherwise have affected her ability to be the channel that she is). Which is rare, but there it is. And after that, I’ve had beings confirm other things that came through in this way. And strong evidence of everything I learned in this way showed up in my life in various ways. I’ll take that over someone who is talking about his UPG as if it were factual.

When a being turns up in the flesh right in front of me, gives me a hug and a kiss, and sits down, has a conversation with me over a cuppa, and tells me all about himself and his life here on Earth, I’ll accept then that this being is a person. Because then there is strong evidence of that. Until then, they are non-physical beings.

Each to their own. :wink:

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It’s been verified through SPG but at the same time your oneness nonsense is not verified either just a concept that’s been torn up and piggybacked into new age.

You have it direct from what you believe is source, for all you know you could of been toyed with by an entity. Because there’s multiple sources so yes to each their own so I’m not exactly sure why you felt the need to start this up and then end it with that when you were the one that brought this up lol but go off sis.

They are though. They’re sentient beings with their own thoughts, emotions and desires. They’re not wish-granting machines that you can conjure up on a moment’s notice.


A lot of problems with demons seem to start and end with the idea that they are either evil forces out to get you or wish granting vending machines.

What gets weird though is they are both a part of you, and also separate independent beings.