Greetings BALG Forum members,

I haven’t been as active as usual over the last several weeks because of some massive changes that have happened in my life. Now, not all the changes have been to my personal liking. However, that’s a totally different story :slight_smile:

Based on a Personal Consult with E.A., we discussed me working on Malkuth along with some other things regarding evocation. This post will deal strictly with my “material” goal :slight_smile: I’ve been actively looking for employment for quite some time all, however, not just any employment or “job”, but something that I can sink my fangs into and build a fucking Empire with!!!

Well…I got it!I took E.A.'s recommendation and did a working for 3 consecutive nights. I chose Lord Halah’thor, Demon of Prosperity as I called him, to assist me and bring to me:

  1. The people
  2. Opportunity
  3. Conditions

To quite fucking frankly thrive!!! Well…he did. Now, I’ve haven’t worked in a minute, and, I was simply thinking of a career to get me back into the workforce right now…$500 per-week+full benefits.

That’s not what happened. I actually was brought an opportunity that far exceed my expectations!!! On day# 2 of my evo, I remember asking Lord Halah’thor to “exceed my expectations”…and he did. I was asking for too little and for something that;s below my capabilities people.

So, long-story short, I have a LOT of work ahead of me in the mundane for awhile. I have to study and get a state license for that which I shall do!

Yes…a LOT of work ahead of me…but I’m OK with that. Part of my end was to publicly honor Lord Halah’thor here BALG…so I am.

Use him guys…he is in the BofA!!!

I’m very new to evocation. I did not SEE Lord Halah’thor, I did however have telepathic communication. At least that’s what it felt like.

I still got results!?!?!?!? My advice is to just keep plugging away.

Keep it Black y’all…your heart that is!



Fucking awesome. Glad to hear.

Yeah its in Halahthors power to align your life with your personal destiny, so I’m not surprised there was BIG changes going on. Well done Mode. You’re taking the world in your hands right now, keep on doing what your doing :wink:

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Thank you all for the kind words!

Great Work mode, shared stories of successes are always inspiring

Well done!! That’s great news - very happy for you.

Excellent work, Mode! That’s fucking great! Yes, success stories from everyone is great motivation to all of us.

Great to hear that, Mode! Congrats and success is always a treat to read about.

Glad to hear things are looking up :wink:

Congrats bro. I use Lord Hala’thor as well. He was one of the reasons I got this job at sea.

Thanks for posting this Mode_439 I am doing a ritual tomorrow night and looking to get the same sort" of turn my life on it’s head result" what you said about not seeing him is great because I can’t either but your advice is good for everyone “keep plugging away”

This is awesome! I’m thinking about calling him so doing my research. It’s great to hear you had impressive results! :black_heart: