Patron Demons - Do You Choose Them, Or Do They Choose You? Or is it More Nuanced Than That?

As the title says, I’m interested to know everyone’s thoughts on patron demons (or spirits). My thoughts are that it is a symbiotic relationship, you choose them as much as they choose you, although I do believe they have greater insight over our “choice” than we do (i.e., they know at a soul level what our choice would be, not our superficial thought level where we may think “oh, I’d choose x” when really “y” is our best bet).

And another random thought - could a skilled reader/scanner see our patron?

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People count a lot of stories about that but it seems the first demon you call/invoke will always watch over you and will center on your Ascension and coordinate pathworkings with other entities, Demons or Gods to enhance your skills and abilities


From what I’ve read and according to Bill Duvendeck, everyone has certain patron demons/spirits in accordance with their astrological chart. For example, some of mine are Balphegor, Lilith, Samael, Adrammelech, Astaroth who is also a major patron demon for me in the Goetia, etc.


I just had my complete western and eastern chart done, is there any way for me to look up who my patron demons/spirits are without asking Bill Duvendeck?

Idk who bill is but you just ask the demon spirit if they are or go through the whole list of names to see who sticks out most to you

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In my case I called one that wasn’t my patron first he actually recommend I speak with my patron first lol which was the other demon I was debating on calling lol


Bill works here.


How do you even go about asking him

I would buy and schedule a consultation. The reason why I didn’t use him to get my astrology chart is because I am not a Qliphothic magician, I am a Chaos magician ( by happenstance ) and his page convinced me that a generic reading would work better for me and somebody I hired before that did a good job for me could do a generic reading for me.

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Yeah I don’t have money to spend besides o know Furfur is my patron demon lol

I been smacked around with enough evidence to say Lilith is probably mine. With me the egregores / demons / spirits are taking are being really causal but taking a trickster approach. It makes me nervous.

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I’d just ask

Both, a demon may want to be your Patron but you have free will to say no/yes. You may want a demon to be your Patron but they have free will to say no/yes.

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About the best way you could find out is by purchasing his book. Qlipothic Astrology. You can use it to compare what other spirits work best with you.

What’s your zodiac?

I would say so, yeah. But I would recommend taking some form of personal journey to find them, it gives a depth to the relationship you have with them

Having a patron demon may limit.

People gravitate towards the energy they prefer. And visa versa.

If you like a particular demon understand why.
True desire is important for magick.

I feel like they choose us. I haven’t found it limiting, it has been very mind expanding. Belial always encourages me to evoke other demons, so it isn’t like some kind of jealous exclusive relationship, far from it.


I have the Sun in Sagittarius.

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So, probably Lucifer would be one of them. I’ll look at the book later today and see what I can find.