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Hello all. It’s been on my mind to know my patron recently,
I have been in contact with Azazel since Thursday night and Sunday today . And I realized it was summer solstice and Fathers day this weekend. Would this be some sort of sign that I’ve been contacting Azazel this weekend and he is my patron ? Because at the moment I don’t hear him speak to me , but I’m trying .

No. The solstice and Father’s Day have nothing to do with anything. Just because you have chosen to contact Azazel this week doesn’t mean he is your patron. You are trying to connect random things that don’t necessarily fit together.

In my opinion, it is wishful thinking on your part. Just continue your work with Azazel, and if he is your patron, he will eventually reveal it to you. However, don’t assume he is just because you chose a certain day to start working with him.


Great . Thanks)
I thought that could be also. randomly and over thinking things on my part. I just needed another’s thoughts on this. Because I don’t hear much words in my meditation , just visions I see.

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The only way to know for sure is to ask him. If you can’t hear him yet, you can always ask him for a specific and clear sign that he is your Patron.

When my two Patrons were revealing themselves to me, they did it in several ways to confirm. One of the funniest to me was after asking them to confirm once more that they are in fact my Patrons, I was watching some random documentary on youtube and during the credits, they listed all of the patrons for that video. So, what do I see?

Name of my Patron + Name of my Patron

Right there, in bold, side by side.

I was like, ok, fine, I get it. I stopped asking after that lol.

I don’t think everyone is born having a Patron/Patrons. If he isn’t your Patron, you can always ask him if he will be. You can also petition for your Patron to reveal himself to you, if you do have one. Put the intention to meet him out there. You can petition Azazel directly too. Like DK said, don’t assume anything and just take your time.


We could all tell you that, yes, it’s a sign that Azazel is your patron, but we could very well be wrong, and set you up for disappointment. Even people who are supposedly channelling certain popular spirits get personal information wrong most of the time, so it is always best to hear it directly from the spirit yourself.

Work with him. Develop your skills, and then ask him. I think people worry far too much if one of the most popular spirits is their patron or not. Not everyone has a patron god or demon and it is always best not to worry about it and just focus on your own spiritual progress.


Right, understood. I am going to ask him for a sign next time I meditate to him . Azazel .
Usually I get signs afterwards when I ask questions in meditation but usually from Belial or Lucifer. But I’m interested in finding a patron I can work more with .
In real life here there is nobody to talk about this kind of stuff with and it’s good to get someone’s advice on these questions I have even if they are not so interesting.

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Just be open to signs and don’t force or rush anything. And take DK’s advice above to heart. It’s solid advice. Focus on your own progress and things will start to unfold over time. I know we all want everything to happen all at once but it rarely ever happens that way lol.

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Will do! Thanks alot )

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I made contact with him today

I feel like this solstice is fucking with my head

What do you mean ?

I spent some time with Azazel today with his sigil and candle and incense. I felt his presence and asked him to give me a sign about a question I asked.
Afterwards I done my angel 3 card reading and communication,faith,clarity came out of the deck. I assume he heard me and asked him to help with my sences.