Ahriman’s path, norse path, voodoun path, qlipothic path, draconian path, demonic path…
I have been wondering what path would best suit me moving forward.
Its always a hard choice but i feel its one i have to make.
I am honestly think Voodoun but i am not 100% sure if any other path would be better for me.
Any recommendations? Maybe you could scan me just to see what vibes you get. (Not here for a free scan… Just saying is all)


This question is killing me too… Is it necessary to pick a certain path? Can’t we lets say do a bit of everything? :joy::joy:


Hello to you @FantomGirl, my answer will be a bit long but I’ll try to answer in a way that is useful to you and others, that means I am going to answer preemtively in a way, you’ll see what I mean as I go along.

To begin, if you are thinking about pathworking - I take it you’ve developed your astral senses: clairvoyance, clairaudiance, etc or perhaps one of them to a basic or higher degree.
In case you haven’t (here’s the preemptive part), here are a good resources to help you with many things, pathworkings contain many ideas sometimes appear again and again in different in various systems:

If you have done so, then my tip is what do you feel most drawn to, what type of skills do you wish to develop (powers), in what ways will this pathworking help you out (how is it beneficial to you)? What type of magick are you into (sounds the same as powers but its not) - what principles do you already know, which pathworkings will expand your repetoire in a way that is interesting to you right now?

These are things to think about as choose a pathworking to delve into.

In terms of why pathworking is beneficial instead of taking things here and there and apply it as you go. According to me a pathworking is a highway that’s meant to accelerate your ascent, by applying yourself to a system and its entities, etc, you’ll expand your skillset more quickly in many ways which just doesn’t happen when you apply things here and there.


Alright thank you.
I have developed my skils quite well…
Soul travel
As well as other things. Although soul travel needs some practice i can at least do it.
But beyond that i know most other things. (I don’t know everything but i know a lot). My psychic senses are opened up but there is always ways of extending them further.

I keep thinking in my mind Voodoo, i have gone into the path before but never too far in and i think its calling to me now. So thank you again.


I have a question. Did someone had similar experience- when practicing pathwork (in my case sefiroth) after work on some path did you have visions that did not match what you were working on, and which could be interpreted as a suggestion of going back- like you worked on some higher sefira, but had visions of cracking planet, which may suggest to work with Malkuth?