Pathworking with Thor

Had anyone done a pathworking working with Thor, and if so, what did you teach you about and does he help your physic?

Thank you for the responses! Have a great day!


I have never done a pathworking with Thor myself but:

I would think that he would be a useful spirit to call on for learning how to control storms, and issues concerning strength, and better protection. I don’t know about psychic abilities. I would call on Freya and Frigga and Odin for such things. Freya for traveling, Frigga has foresight, Odin for runes.

I hope this helps some.


Excellent insight! Thank you, that defiantly makes sense! I appricate the answer. I was thinking about a diety to help me push even harder in the gym but I’m going as hard as ever and know Sallos (Goetia Diety) is already helping me with that!

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I’ve also seen people say that they work with the energy of the planet Mars for strength if you want to check that out.

As for working directly with Thor I’ve only ever made petitions to him to either cause or move storms/ protect me during the one’s that were already here but I didn’t know how bad they were going to be. Offerings were given. And in my experience it seemed to work.

When I was pregnant the heat of the summer was so bad that it made me sick to even step outside. I asked him to make it rain for a while to keep things a little cooler so the temperature wouldn’t get up to 110+ degrees Fahrenheit like it often does was the rainiest summer in that I ever remember. In my area anyway. Other areas were still pretty bad.


That’s pretty badass!! I definitely will keep that in reguards to the weather. What offerings did to give him? And yes I need to grow deeper in a connection with Mars, becoming a stronger warrior!


I went with meat and beer. It’s what I had on hand.

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That’s amazing! I remember I asked Baal for the same thing last summer; fuck, I enjoyed that nice rainy break.


Maybe I’ll call on both next time :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

Thanks @Baal :blue_heart:

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I would think that Thor would be a perfect being to call upon for help with your physique! He is he god of strength, after all, he carries the mighty Warhammer (Have you ever tried to pick up a war hammer? They’re bleeping heavy!).

Have you tried it, @Dante_Osiris Don’t forget to tell us the results! That’s how we all learn.

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That hammer statement is turnt! Love it haha. And I only contacted Sallos in reguards to that. I asked if He was a giant (Nephialm) and died at the flood and the answer was no. Then I asked if he was just a thoughtform manifest into reality and got no. Finally I asked if he was a Fallen Angel and he said yes! I have a deep connection with Sallos and trust him completely. I am not sure about the others of the Goetia BUT for him I am! Thank you!