Pathworking Success

I would like to give a sort of testimonial to anyone out there. I’ve been working through E.A. Koetting’s prescribed Left Hand Path pathworking in his book “Works of Darkness”. I’m currently on the chapter that deals with scrying and clairvoyance.

At this point I can say I’m very happy. I’ve gone through the initiatory rites of meditation and consecration. In meditation I’ve witnessed the darkness and abyss that fills the universe. I’ve seen the terrifying acausal beings that dwell there, heard their voices, and received their advice and guidance on the path. I’ve been showering or trying to sleep at random times, and fallen into a gripping fear and mesmerization as i noticed shining black aura wrapping around me in waves, or horned ethereal creatures with piercing red eyes, blue eyes, silver eyes, gold eyes, whispering incessantly and drifting about my bedroom temple. I’ve seen objects die on my altar, feeling heavy and lifeless in my hands, and come alive again in darkness, vibrating lowly and appearing to distort their shape.

I’ve worked with the most basic burnt offerings — the candle magick and sympathetic magick. Through these simple yet forbidden rituals, I’ve manifested the most amazing relationship with the most amazing guy. I’ve manifested money, finding myself with hundreds of dollars more than I would usually have each month. I’ve brought specific friends into my life by targeting them in ritual. I’m in an open relationship and I’ve even seen the well of possible sex partners dry up, but then spontaneously replenish itself with much better matches from literally every direction after a simple candle spell.

Sigil Magick has also been an intense experience. Just about every need in my life has been met by sigil magick. Healing of physical wounds, controlling others’ actions, causing my enemies’ suffering, bringing inspiration and ideas into my schoolwork, gaining familiars that stay with me day and night, and so on.

Now I’m working with my clairvoyance, and the results are amazing so far. I can see my room through my closed eyes, see spirits to a degree, somewhat remote-view others, randomly hear thoughts telepathically, randomly receive guidance from spirits telepathically, and so on.

I’m very happy at this point because my greatest understanding of spirituality has been transformed. I used to be a Pentecostal Christian. Before that I dabbled in New Age things, and for the couple of years AFTER Christianity that I was an occultist, I took a heavily mystical approach towards ascent. This time around, I’ve accomplished all of the above by taking the rituals in front of me and applying them in my real life towards some goal. I’m now not afraid of my own power — not afraid I’ll spiral out of control, or that demons will enslave me. My life is coming under my control, and my access to these powers is becoming more free and natural. I feel content and I recognize that I’m becoming a god-man with every step I take.

I’m a modern-day Sorcerer, and it’s everything I was born to be!