Pathworking question

I know this question might be silly, but is it necessary to get into an alpha state when one does pathworking? It’s not mentionned in the two books I read, but it just seems too easy to be true and I’m not sure whether I got results (I might have asked for things that are not obvious to see also).

If it’s really not necessary what would garantee the success of pathworking?

It’s not absolutely necessary, but I find it is helpful.

Thanks DarkestKnight,
Helpful to hear the spirits or to actually get results?

It is easier to daydream in Alpha, which is essentially what visionary magick, aka pathworking, is. A relaxed state of consciousness helps the mind to visualise the elemental images necessary to connect with the spirits.

Visualising what one desires in a light meditative state is also recommended in most Law of Attraction materials too for just this reason.

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