Pathworking Netzach

Pathworking Netzach


After having Evoked Haniel, and asked him for instruction about how to Pathworked through Netzach he said :

By Pathworking Netzach you’ll learn to enter into the current of The most powerful emotion in this World. Love, and its Opposite side as well, Hate. You’ll learn to go deep into that current and flow with it, since you cannot flow against this most powerful current, as Ishtar said, Love cannot be skipped or overcome, It must be satisfied, it must be fulfilled, if not, then it will consume you completely, obsess you and destroy you from inside, until you satisfied it.

If the object of your Love cannot be attained, you can transfer your love on someone or something else, in order to fulfill it, this is what you will learn in this Sephirah. All life is moved by Love, by Passions, Since without Passions all would be in stagnation, and those who find themselves in that Current but are unable to control it, become slave to this most potent current of energy that flow in all creation.

By Pathworking Netzach you’ll learn how to transmute Hate into Love and Love into hate, All Emotion came from those Two Big Pole, they are the moving Force of all Creation, by learning to Control and transmute into one another these Polarity of all creation, Mastery over the essence of all the universes will be yours.

Then he gave me a specific exercise to do during my Daily Life that consist of this :
If i find myself in a moment where i feel hate, anger etc… I have to transmute this Emotion into its opposite for instance Love instead of hate and anger. If i find myself Sad, i must Redirect my Energy flow to the opposite of Sadness, Joyfulness.

How this is done? By simply Focusing all your will and intent on the Feeling of Love, Joy etc… when their opposite appear into your Life.

Here an Example : Let’s say that a Family Member do Harm against you in some way, Instead of Flowing with the Anger, the Hate, the Sadness etc… that is present in this moment. You’ll focus on the love you feel for that Person, on the Joy that he gave you in the past, etc…

Then you’ll feel what i call the ‘‘Emotional ego Crushing’’ You’ll see that you are not your Emotion nor that you need to be controlled by them, that instead you are indeed their Master. Most people live their Life controlled by their Emotion, their Thoughts etc… this is what i call the Emotional Ego, and by learning to control and transmute those Emotion, you Crush that Ego.

You’ll see how easy it is to transmute those emotion, or any other into their Opposite and thus always stay with the Emotion you want.
and vice versa.

Learning to do this is incredibly useful in everyday life and in Magickal Practice as well.


Netzach. Oh, boy… a lot to talk about…

Before I launch into my spiel about this Sphere, I believe it necessary at this point to discuss the relationship of Yesod, Hod and Netzach, referred to as the Magical or Astral Triad. As Mephistor mentioned, Netzach deals with your emotions, where Hod deals with your Genius. The former feeds into the latter, and has a similar relationship to that of oceanic currents vs the rhythm of the waves. In this way, they also keep each other in check, through a sort of tension, like binary stars. The balance of these two experiential forces is what gives birth to the state of being found in Yesod. To put it another way, Yesod is the ego, Hod and Netzach, Genius and Emotion, are how Yesod experiences and interacts with the world.

Mephistor is spot on when he talks about the transmutation of emotions, love into hate, hate into love. You are learning to control the currents of emotions themselves, to inspire them or stifle them. In this way, Netzach also rules over fertility, as an impregnating force, and thus, also prosperity.

There exists a pitfall within Netzach, a sort of desire to remain in this perpetual state of pleasure, and not progress forward. Should one push forward, one realizes as Mephistor says, that YOU are not your emotions, and one gains mastery over them, as a rider directs the horse. This inevitably leads one to question who the rider is, a question which propels one out of the Magical Triad and into the Ethical or Mental Triad, the base of which sits Tiphareth.


I sometimes dream of this realm