Pathworking Lucifer Progress Update

Hi. So I asked Lucifer to help me become whole and heal myself and my lifein order to become succesful. He agreed.

So I had a very hard time for a while with depression and anxiety and I am having tough time at work. So I asked Luciferwhat to do because I wasn’t going nowhere fast. This is what happened so far.

Phase one: the fall from grace

  • I got notified my workplace was going to terminate a few people’s jobs. Some off us are going to be laid off.
  • I fell into semideep clinical depression.
  • My friendships started to feel like a burdain
  • My boyfriend told me he couldn’t be with me if I worked with Lucifer

Phase two: The mental rebirth

  • I decided to start pursuing another education because my current job sucks anyway and I am not happy there and they arelaying people off.
  • I am known for running away from my problems and trying to numb pain. This time I decided not to start depression meds and just experience the pain, darkness, numbness, hate as it came. I understood it was justified and neccessary. It helped me alienate people who don’t appreciate both sides of me. I went through a very bad period of cryinga lot, sleeping a lot and being non functioning. But it helped. I dealt with issues I had hadfor years. I feel better now.
  • I tod my friends this is me and they can choose if they want to be friends or not. I stopped trying to be “less tired and less depressed”. They stayed.
  • I told my boyfriend to educate himself and that if he wanted to stomp on my religious human rights he could fuck off because he wasn’t who I thought he was. He decided I was worth some self evaluetion and got over it.

Phase three: Integration of Adversarial mindset

  • I now question always wether my choices in life are as limited as I think they are.
  • I have more integrity to be myself regardless of consequences
  • I have started to question morale
  • I have understood a higher power can’t fix me. I have to do it. They can only guide me and even that is optional.
  • I have noticed when you are adversarial you are likea rat: can thrive anywhere, can succeed anyhow and can achieve anything you are willing to work for
  • I broke my selfmade shackles.
  • I learned I don’t need to be a selfish asshole even if I don’t adhere to strict morality

Thanks for sharing!


BEAUTIFUL! :smiley:

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Wonderful!Thanks for sharing :wink:

An awesome job you have done working on yourself. I have felt some of the things you have experienced. 3 months ago I was sufferibg from very deep depression and I was suicidal. I then discovered the LHP and Lucifer. He is an amazing spirit to work with. Your greatest adversary in life is yourself. If you can master yourself then your power will have no limit. I also performed this morning ritual that keeps me striving each day to improve by 1% each day:

Thank you for sharing. Now it is time to ascend and become the greatest person you can be. Keep up the good work. Your brothers and sisters on the LHP have got your back and so has Lucifer.