Pathworking Defintion

I was told to do a pathworking with Belial So I called on him for his influence in a situation and I’ve seen my life change. I said once my request is fuffiled I’d offer up blood.

Now for pathworking: is making contact and growth till something is fulfilled considered a pathworking ? Or it must be more specific?

I ended up leaving where I was at due to a argument right after the ritual (rage was unleashed) and my diet and exercise is on point now. People say I’ve changed in appearance

Hail Belial

Any thoughts would be appreciated! Keep growing fellow magicians!


Nice, I think if you got your result and saw substantial changes that does count as pathworking, leaving weakening things behind you and so on. But the answer really is always going to be “ask the spirit” because he may be seeing this as just the preliminary round of building your empire! :smiley:


Thank you! Yes, Ive been actually building a team now and things are all lining up. The original request hasn’t been fuffiled so I haven’t given blood just to stay strong, but I’ve given offerings and appreciation to him.

After all; he teaches you to be strong and not to bend to anyone. Basically the badass I’ve needed. I do seem to have a minor bit of rage tho, but I think it’s for the gym and to get to my goals.

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