Path Working

Anybody have any new experiences in this path working? What have you discovered lately?

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I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned that the Lwa are among the most effective, reliable, warm, and terrifying spirits known to man. They can teach you to gain more control over your reality.


I’ve heard they are like working with Monkeys with machine guns. Act like children and will play around with your requests if it is not requested in the form of an attorney checking every loophole lolol

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Dying rn :joy:
Um, which path? Vodoun, Santeria, Palo and Espiritismo are all different disciplines. They’re similar, but not the same. I guess you can say they’re similar in vein to Roman and Greek pantheons-- the syncretism is strong, but not all gods are replicas of each other.
In fact, each and every one of these disciplines have their own system, their own beliefs, and their own ways of working with the deities.

Lwas, Orishas, Mpungos, the Eguns? Saying they’re all monkeys with machines guns is like saying all goetics are red horned demons out to drag you to hell. I find the joke comical as there are some deities who do act like monkeys, but saying that all of them do can scare away people and most importantly, give the wrong impression. Most of us here are workers of the left hand path, so we all know just how bad reputations can negatively impact.

I was referring to Voodoo. Nothing against voodoo. Right now I work with the Lesser 72 however, I have worked with Orishas, and a few of the Hindu Goddesses.

Santeria is a great pathwork and I enjoy their entities.

Voodoo again, I have not practiced… That is what I have HEARD. I have no room to say that is for sure what it is like to work with them.

Ahh, thanks for the clarification. I read your post and kept thinking “Exactly how many African Diasporic gods did he piss off for them to all behave like that? And how the hell is he still alive?!” :joy_cat: I come from a Santeria and Palo background, and similar to what you said, the Orishas can be downright monkeys if you don’t please them or do something to anger them. Funnily enough, I have a very warm relationship with Oggun, the orisha of war, who many say is very violent and sometimes even angry towards those who call on him. I don’t doubt that he is violent at all, but in our dealings he has always used that violence in protecting me rather than harming me. From the start, he has always favored me, and you can even say, loved me. It reminds me of some of the Goetic Kings, who are terrifying in their own right, but can be warm father figures if one cultivates a proper relationship with them. Go figure.

But yeah, what path?

I did a short possession of Oggun in a ritual up in the desert last month. It was very intense, and I felt his power…Very strong energy… I would love to do it again.

Voudon. I would love to hear more. Any workings? Any spells? Any wisdom?

What I’ve experienced so far is that at times I’m in both worlds simultaneously. The physical and spiritual. I’ve received initiations that the Lwa have given me personally.

What did you learn? What did Ogun teach you?

Any teachings? Any knowledge? Revelations? Spells?

Wow! Anybody?

Ive only worked with Papa Legba. He came to me first and I enjoy working with him.
other than that I dont have too much to share right now. :heart:


Legba is very warm and he has a great deal of knowledge on many many matters, chiefly money in my experience. Samedi is a great healer, teacher, and killer (if he likes you). Agwe can teach you to manipulate minds and La Siren can teach you to sing “siren songs”, metaphorically speaking. Erzulie can give you ideas for art or she can make someone love you. Kalfu has many many godlike powers that he wishes to share with those brave enough to call him. That’s all I can say. PS, Voodoo is the best door into necromancy bar none.


@FraterMagni : Do you approach These voodoo spirits like other spirits like from Lesser Key OR do you follow any special protocols While Working With Them ?

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Man!!! That was great!!! Very informative. I like how you specified details for each Lwa.


Pretty much simple. Use the Veve the same way you would a sigil.

Call and they will come. What I have noticed is that some Lwa will give you a vibration of receptive energy when the like you. Others will give you the feel in their vibration like they don’t really resonate with you.

Simply be receptive to their energy to get a good feel for them. That would be the best way to lead you.

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great !

I will start by giving offerings to papa legba for a week without asking for anything

Be extra careful of offending them treat your relationship with the Lwa like a delicate flower and have real love for them. Giving Legba offerings without asking for them is all fine and good but the Lwa would see it as inauthentic. Go out into nature and find Legba. Then simply work with them and give them offerings regularly.