[Path of Smoke] What is light and dark?


In this current, the idea is that Ahriman is the Black Sun, and the divs his emanations. It could be said that the zanda is a focal point of light that shines upon the world to raise the consciousness of humans still trapped in limitation. But what is light? And how is the Black Sun shining?

In my mind, I see this universe and what is visible as of the light. The solar sun we are all accustomed to, I see as shining bright. The Black Sun, to me, is a light of a different frequency. One that seems dark to those accustomed to seeing by the light of Ahura Mazda. My goal is to be able to see by the light of the Black Sun. In so doing, I think dark matter and dark energy would be visible while what we are used to seeing will take on a different hue or frequency.

I hope I’m making sense, lol. I guess what I’m getting at is what do you all think of when you hear “Black Sun”? Is it devoid of light, or is it a blinding light of a different frequency?

The Draconian Path and Witchcraft

Light and dark that you have within yourself reflects as within the Universe itself. As above so below. But there must be something above this Light and Dark, that would be Satan, the absolute force, which through its soul, everything else exists as parts in which he is bigger than the sum of all the parts. As well as you yourself are bigger than the light and darkness within you. We must all transcend above Light & Darkness.



Transcending Light and Darkness sounds great, but in reality, wouldn’t that still leave us in Darkness? I mean, darkness is the void, which is infinite potential. It is that in which all has its existence. Wherever we are conscious, we are still active within the Dark. We could remove ourselves from all forms of creation, and still find ourselves in darkness. How does one transcend darkness itself?

Yes, I do agree with that viewpoint to some extent, but to me it is rather limited in its view on darkness and the void. This is why the Path of Smoke appeals to me. Ahura Mazda creates the world out of darkness and tries to isolate it from darkness as much as possible. In so doing, he awakes the principle of darkness and that consciousness (Ahriman) has no choice but to be present in this world. My point is that light is a manifestation of potentiality. It is a spectrum of darkness. I don’t see the Black Sun as an opposite force to the Solar Sun. I see the Black Sun as a manifestation of the Darkness within this world. It is only there because the world can’t exist without darkness, no matter how blind the gods of the light may be.


One of the most beautiful secrets of existence is that Nothing = Something.


From working the path of smoke I see it this way.

Ahriman / Angra Mainyu - The Black Sun, the adversary, the black dragon of chaos, he is the actual darkness eternal.

Then we have the creation of Ahura Mazda, which is weak and holds limitation and stasis. The light of Ahura Mazda is the false spectrum of light, when we harness the powers of darkness as Zanda, we are becoming a vortex.

The vortex we become is very much like the vortex of Arezura and the five hell realms, within the circle of countercreation.

We stand as a nexus of darkness, a forever growing furious and consuming vortex, we then syphon the false light of Ahura Mazda and of creation. Through the forbidden alchemy we perform, we essentially take the light and purify it within the blackened fire of self / Blackened fire of Zohak.

Thereby we are left with real light which is stripped from Ahura Mazda’s influence, that light then fuels us and the darkness. Thereby we are darkness eating the light, the light also fuels the darkness within us.

The Zanda stands in the circle of counter creation, as a nexus of darkness eternal the emotions of the black sun are the divs which live deep within the sorcerer as well as externally.

The Zanda through the power of backward understanding, can understand that darkness is the reason light exists and the light can act as fuel for the blackened fire of spirit.

We thereby harness the true spectrum of light, then we consume that within the darkness.

The mandala / circle of counter-creation, is essentially a vortex for the powers of hell and darkness. The particles of light within this world are consumed and pulled into the vortex, to fuel its growth.

As the Zanda we understand yes the darkness is indeed the greatest catalyst for empowerment upon the path of smoke, however if light is there we strip it of weakness and limitation and use it to fuel us.

So I sort of see a balance, thereby we the Zanda’s act like the black sun as darkness shining light and light shining darkness.


So this has already been addressed in another topic but the light of the qliphoth is not the light of arezura.

Far as my own experiences in this current @veneficus the black sun is the light that breaks down current limits so you can expand your horizon and understanding of reality. Hence why it is the light of alchemical processes. The point it not to erase all boundaries but to expand them beyond what you currently know. At least this has been my experience so far.


@Dinmiatus @C.Kendall
Thanks guys! This fits really well into my own practice and ideals/ideas.

One other question. I’ve started to recite the Litany of the Black Sun daily, and have noticed interesting phenomena, and I do believe it is having an impact on things. But strangely, I have felt recently like I should maybe pursue another path. Like a lack of connection, even though I have definitely made contact with Ahriman and was encouraged to follow the path. Have you guys noticed any resistance as you walk this path?


This path constantly and consistency will cause you to confront your own internal and external resistances. Stick with the litiany for 40 days for the full alchemical benefits. Likely you are experiencing the unconscious resistances being purified and burned away by the power of the litiany.


Will do. Thanks again. :+1:


No problem also a thing to remember is this work has alot of branches to explore. What me and @C.Kendall are doing are a perfect example. While he has been led to explore the necromantic side of things i am being pulled to experiment with the 101 names of angra mainyu, the litinies and their connection to astrlogy. What this is turning into for me i have no clue yet :joy: but it’s a fun adventure to say the least.


Well I haven’t gotten my Nexion or urn or flame and all that. I look forward to hearing what you guys find out. I will be exploring the elements and the elements of counter-creation. You are right. This is a current with much to be explored. Actually, Ahriman in a dream mentioned that he has over a hundred emanations (Divs) compared to the 72 we are accustomed to. To say I’m excited would be an understatement. :joy:


“Black sun” as you’re conceiving of it is to my way of thinking oxymoronical.

The Sun’s Shadow don’t shine.


Ah, well to me the Black Sun is not the “The Sun’s Shadow”. It’s a different sun that does much the same thing as the solar sun. It just operates on a level we are not accustomed to perceiving. Both are necessary in this system of creation.