Past Tense Phrasing in Petitions, Requests, Statements etc

I’ve been spending some time working on ideas for crafting requests, statements and petitions that are fit for purpose in rituals and a penny dropped that might be a golden nugget for forming the right sentences and it might be useful for others out there.

If your request for change is important to you then it is surely worth your while to craft your sentence using real focus and intention to come up with something not only personal to you and your situation but also something that carries the imprint of the core of your desire. Not just something you quickly pluck from the sky and say that will do. Bearing in mind the old sayings ‘be careful what you ask for’ and ‘you get exactly what you ask for’.

After writing lots of prompting words for myself that could possibly be used within a sentence, I said to myself

“What would I like to have seen?”

This question appeared after imagining myself in a consultation chair after an event or period of time trying to fix an imaginary problem, a little process just to unearth some inspiration for workable phrases to use.

In real life it’s much easier to reflect on what has already happened, while when we try to create a past tense phrase for what has not yet happened, we have to pretend that it has but I find that this causes some conflict on what are the best choices for wording.

If you look back to a time that you had a real difficulty in life that didn’t get fixed, you can now ask yourself what would you like to have seen happen? and my bet is that you will find it much easier to come up with an answer with words that actually fit the situation.

Think of someone, ok not you, someone else, they did a ritual of some sort and they worded their request in an ineffective way and not fitting right with their situation. The magick didn’t work or it backfired and now you are heading the consultation session with this poorly magickian. All you need to ask is, well, what would you like to have seen happen?

Here’s a practical example:
Think of someone just like you with exactly the same life and exactly the same situation to fix, perhaps they tried different things and they still haven’t really moved forward. Ask them what would they like to have seen. ‘They’ might well give ’you’ some clear cut answers with particularly well chosen words for that situation.


This takes you out of yourself and into the third person without all of the extra intricacies of ‘their’ life. Now you look at the bare bones of ‘their’ problem and you might get to see a clearer picture of what can be done.


So if you have an ongoing problem, what would you like to have seen?

For money: I would have liked to have made enough money to cover all my obligations and have enough left over to make me feel good.

This answer could be turned into: I always made/make enough money to cover all my obligations and had/have enough left over to make me feel good.

For new love: I would have liked to have been more confident and expressed myself in an easier way.

This could be turned into: I was/am easily confident and self assured.

Ex-back (lol): I wish I had listened more and communicated better and been more trusting/trustworthy, and felt more love.

This could be turned to: We always communicate/d clearly and always enjoyed/enjoy each other’s company with the deepest love and trust.

These examples just flowed out by using that little asking technique, whereas before I would get lost in a sea of possible word choices for whatever requests I’ve tried working with so I hope this helps someone else out there.