Past life information


In the topic for introducing myself, I wrote that during meditation or sleep I can turn into an androgyne or a dragon with blue skin and fiery hair. More recently, I learned that this was my incarnation from a past life. This is an inhabitant of the world of fiery Attakeria, who closely communicated with the spirits. Moreover, he or she performed priestly functions and was the guardian of the gates. Moreover, he or she has some long-standing obligations (as far as I understand, they were of a romantic nature) with Astaroth, which he or she did not fulfill. That is, an oath was made between the spirits, which is almost impossible to break.

In this regard, I had several questions: what is this fiery world?
who is the gatekeeper?
and what oath can there be between the spirits?

Some of the information about the past life was helped by King Paimon.


Can anyone explain these questions or advise who to contact? Because I would like to learn more about all this from practitioners who may have come across such cases.

Thanks for your insight bro. It’s dear to my heart that most people do come from particular parts of the universe.

I always had a feeling when you bump into someone that you felt like you’ve known for thousand years or so it’s because their soul came from the same or similar area.

All in all, not all incarnations here at our first time — some have been here maybe 4-6 times, others once. Take care!

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The more you will learn of your past life through meditation. That’s all I can say!

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