Past Interviews with E.A

On this thread I’m going to start listing past interviews of EA’s. It’s a refreshing look at where he’s been, where he’s going, and an insightful look into his unique approach to practical spirituality.

I have links to a good handful of them that I’ll list, and please list any that you know of that go unposted. :slight_smile:

This first link, is his first actual formal interview I believe…

Hey do you have a link to the last TF interview he did? OI missed that one, think that was last haloween.

I might… Ill see what I can find.

Don’t even remember at the moment what I was researching, it seems like there was just no good reason for me to read it, but this interview was my first exposure to EA and practical magick, and inspired me to really seriously begin researching and give it a try. Great to revisit.

Might have to cut and paste, link might be corrupted.

Great Interview - E.A. Koetting with a student of the OAA

Great Interview - E.A. Koetting with a student of the OAA.pdf (113 KB)

Interview by Nox Sabbatum (December 2008)

Interview by Nox Sabbatum.pdf (127 KB)