Past Incarnation's Subconsciously Find Each Other, SUPER INSANE TACTIC OUR DNA USED ITS OWN GPS!

This is no mistake, we look the same, we are 4 months apart in age, we are exact opposites in every single way, and its the hardest relationship I have ever had, it’s very hard to sync with the last one. We were born 45 miles apart from each other, and literally we have lived together since day one somehow. Neither of us has ever questioned it, it was like oh suddenly I don’t feel the need to do anything but make sure you grow, then a lot of memories, pretty much 5 years of research, most of it not with her cause it’s hard sometimes to be around the opposite half of your soul.

This is something I have been curious to know, I have in the past year gone through short abrupt phases of being a past version of myself, some times each day I am another, I was able to locate my twin who had been doing the same thing for years before we literally ran into a mirror meeting ea\ch other. I have over 20,000 photos of my entire life thus far in detail, here are some so you get an idea. Anyone else seen or heard of anyone finds their twins based on rapidly cycling memories, memories that I had no control over. I’m assuming I have been collecting my fragmented soul over probably VAST amounts of time. Here is what I mean:

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You guys are adorable!


I wish it was as easy as this pictures look its only a 3 year span here, but we pretty have done this for 8 years, she has BPD we talked about her when you gave me a reading. She has other incarnations that still happen, ill wake up to some fuckary, I developed the ability to share those incarations, and see what I would look if we had shared it together. Its kinda fun, the closer and more balanced we grow, the stronger and more intense the skill set. I appreciate it tho, she is def the moon, to my sun! <3

P.S. when you meet yourself, prepare for war, a long one with a mirror from 1000 other worlds!


Ouf. Okay, here we go.
My mother had a genetic twin sister. Both had been adopted under very dubious circumstances by different families, back then (no further politics, but it was kind of a thing to give away the children of dissidents to other families who were loyal to the party line).
The thing is: my mother was approx 5 years old, so old enough to be able to remember one thing or another before the adoption took place. She can’t remember her twin sister, even if they spent the first five years of their lifes basically together each day. Its like something deleted her twin hard drive.
Two years ago I ran into her twin sister. In a fucking kebab shop, just three villages apart from my mothers current living place. You would think that you would have encountered the exact copy of your mother much earlier in this small distance, but no.
She looked EXACTLY like my mother. She even did her hair the same way. Her make up. Her clothes. The way she talks. Even her (probably) man looked like a cheap knock off of my own father.
I haven’t told her about that encounter and they never met, so far. But the twin DNA of my mother apparently found her through me. That shit was fucking weird.



Enke was Osiris, who was killed by Set, resurrected at Giza by Isis, tncarted as Horus, they absorbed into one being soooo, shits not even weird yet in retrospect.

It’s super rare for twins to ever incarnate together, but if they do, and if they succeed at the perfection of the genetics as a whole, its the last incarnation. This act alone is said to activate entire regions of the world in terms of light works, to start massive reparations to this dimensional existence, and depending on which this is, planetary ascension or destruction seems close with all the animals going extinct due to they resist evolution. I believe that extinction is actually where a struggling species will not rise to the next level dimensional plane of existing, but rather drop down one to where they are more adapted to survive. This can also be said for humans, I am starting to believe, the lowest levels are where the most primitive, ruthless, basically dinosaurs are. As we rise up, we see an evolution with ascension pretty intense genetics, pretty short amount of time, it is almost certain that there was breeding probably from what I have seen. Incarnation means we live for all time, or until oblivion but that is all depending on the individual soul. This is what I have grown to understand, that time, money, religion attempts to stop our knowledge of self, soul, and unity within our race. I have spent the entire time since I met her, till we unleash a weapon so powerful whatever is keeping us here, won’t see it coming. I am done with being stuck on one planet, we are meant to co-create the universe, not have our souls imprisoned on a fucked up DVD that’s only 10 mins long set to repeat hooked up to the sun, and being supervised by a bunch of cold blooded loooking wana be ninja turtles.

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