I just got the OAA course. I cannot get logged in to view the course. I changed the password and still cannot get in.

Also I received an email that I am Registered with the BALG and was given the email and a password to use. I keep going there and it will not bring up the website. I clicked on the link and it says this site is not available.
I used this password with my email to sign in the view the course and still could not get in.

Sorry to hear that, please contact their helpdesk: [b][url=][/url][/b]

They’ll get back to you with assistance, usually it seems to take around 48 hours but they won’t lose your ticket.

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I got a message to them. Normally they send the video with a long password 28 characters long or so, and then I could access the videos. Now it said to log in but I could not. I even changed the password and tried that. It did not work. Not sure what I am doing wrong.

There’s something seriously wrong with this site! Fortunately I’m a developer and have learned to try different things! I have found that when I’m on the login page and enter my credentials, it will say “invalid login details”. If I then click “Back to main catalog”, then click “sign in” again, it will bring me back to the login page, but “sign in” to my username. I can then click that to get to my courses and everything. I believe this thread is a year old, so you might have already gotten a resolution or given up, but maybe this will help someone else…

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What is the OAA course

It is the work of EA’s now defunct occult order.

There’s this:


Yeah, I wasn’t talking about that one course, but the members area of the site in general. I’m surprised not everybody is having the same problem! It might be something about Chrome or something in my cache…

I use Chrome and have no issues at all.

Not everyone on here also has the courses, imagine a Venn diagram of people who have bought from BALG, and people who are active here, and there’s some crossover but a large amount are only in one category.

If you want to reply to the message I just sent (green icon, top right) with details of your device, OS, browser etc., I can pass this problem along?

I kinda wish it was more affordable for me.